Halls of Atonement | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 8, 2020

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide to Halls of Atonement! This guide will cover notable trash mobs and abilities as well as Brewmaster-specific boss strategies and tips. It is important to note that these guides are meant to be an entry into mid-higher level keystones from a Brewmaster-only perspective. They are by no means a comprehensive guide of every mechanic or ability that you will find in a dungeon, but instead offer need-to-know information for a Brewmaster wanting to get into pushing higher key levels. For a more complete, beginner-friendly overview of this dungeon, check out the Halls of Atonement Dungeon Strategy Guide on Wowhead.

First Wing

Depraved Darkblade – Casts Deadly Thrust, a frontal that can be sidestepped or outranged.

Depraved Houndmaster – Casts Loyal Beasts, which enrages all Vicious Gargons. It cannot be interrupted, but can be Stunned/Paralyzed. Be ready to kite if the cast goes off.

Depraved Obliterator – Casts Curse of Obliteration, the curse does not do damage if dispelled. Assign one melee kick per Obliterator.

Depraved Collector –

Collect Sins – Spawns many small adds called Animated Sins. It is a two-kick rotation and does not re-cast if stopped.

Shard of Halkias

Heavy party damage with Thrash, be very careful what you pull with this. Must kill all three of these to engage the first boss.


Halkias will alternate between dropping Glass Shards under the tank (Crumbling Slam) and a Ranged player (Heave Debris). Try and stack these pools close together to maximize space.

Halkias will cast Refracted Sinlight after the 3rd Crumbling Slam (5th pool of Glass Shards). After this pool drops, move the boss to a safe space where you can move 360 degrees around him without crossing any Glass Shards. 

Be careful to make small, easy to predict movements so none of your party gets caught outside the Light of Atonement circle.

Second Wing

Stoneborn Slasher – Casts Powerful Swipe, a frontal cleave that is easy to walk out of.

Stonefiend Anklebiter – Will stun the tank once a second, be careful what you pull with these. They are a good pack to chain into the end of something else.


You should have 80% Enemy Forces before engaging Echelon.


Make sure that no party member damages the adds until they are grouped in. The adds will run straight to their current threat target until they are damaged. The moment they are damaged, they will plant and cast. Have the party stack up and let all the adds run in before hitting them.

Manage Blood Torrent puddles, try to stack them near other puddles to conserve space.

You can roll/torpedo out of Stone Shattering Leap at the very last second to avoid the damage if targeted, while still placing the leap on the adds.

Third Wing

No new mobs here. Note that the first room is extremely heavy tank damage and you should be prepared to kite.

The second room contains several casters, and can be dealt with nicely by line-of-sighting them back into the previous room.

High Adjudicator Aleez

If targeted with Spectral Procession, run the Ghastly Parishioner through a lantern. Try and tank the boss on a lantern to minimize movement for melee.

You can use Provoke on Parishioners to get them to the lantern faster.

Assign a 3-kick rotation for the boss. Make sure that Volley of Power is always interrupted.

Inquisitor Sigar (Miniboss)

Assign one DPS to each quadrant to focus down the Tormented Souls. Sigar will continue to full heal at intervals until all the Tormented Souls are dead, so do not focus him.

Manifestations of Envy will spawn, do your best to pick them up and tank them until they fixate a party member with Mark of Envy.

Lord Chamberlain

The boss will apply Stigma of Pride to the tank, which is a very heavy bleed. Use Celestial Brew to mitigate.

Dodge statues during Telekinetic Toss. Look for the head of the statue, it will get thrown in the direction the head is facing.

During Ritual of Woe, you can stand inside the boss’ hitbox and take two beams instead of one. This is a big help to healers.

A note on what is happening above:

When the boss casts Ritual of Woe, he will shoot four beams out, one to each statue. In the above picture, you can see our shaman soaking one, our mage ice blocking one (ice block will remove the beam) and myself standing directly in between two statues, inside the boss’ hitbox, to soak both (which will also cause only one beam to appear, but you will take damage as if soaking both).