Mists of Tirna Scithe | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 8, 2020

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide to Mists of Tirna Scithe! This guide will cover notable trash mobs and abilities as well as Brewmaster-specific boss strategies and tips. It is important to note that these guides are meant to be an entry into mid-higher level keystones from a Brewmaster-only perspective. They are by no means a comprehensive guide of every mechanic or ability that you will find in a dungeon, but instead offer need-to-know information for a Brewmaster wanting to get into pushing higher key levels. For a more complete, beginner-friendly overview of this dungeon, check out the Mists of Tirna Scithe Dungeon Strategy Guide on Wowhead.

First Wing

Drust Soulcleaver – Casts Soul Split, an un-interruptible magic tank buster, which gives the mob a buff for 8 seconds afterwards that causes them to heal with every melee attack.

Drust Spiteclaw – These mobs have a purgeable buff that makes them explode on death. Use Arcane Torrent if any party members have it to prevent this.

Tirnen Villager

Casts Bewildering Pollen, a frontal. This is very easy to see and very easy to not get hit by. VERY important to never get hit as a tank, as it will disorient you, causing you to lose threat. 

They will also channel Overgrowth on a player. Kill the pod quickly to break them out.

This mob will turn friendly upon death and begin to heal the party.

Drust Boughbreaker –

These will do a massive AoE channel Furious Thrashing at 50% health. Focus one down first to avoid having both thrash simultaneously. 

Ingra Maloch

Droman will do the same Bewildering Pollen frontal as the Tirnen Villager, don’t get hit by it.

Set an interrupt order for Ingra, who will spam Spirit Bolts. This is not only important to prevent damage, but also to help move the boss when the area starts getting covered with Anima Puddles from Tears of the Forest.

Second Wing

Mistveil Defender –

These mobs will channel a frontal cone called Spear Flurry. It will fixate a location, so the tank can move out of it.

These are in almost every pack in the maze, so always be aware of where they are pointed. Try to point them away from any of the pedestals with the marks for the maze, so that ranged can stand on them to help solve the maze faster.

Mistveil Guardian – Casts Bucking Rampage, and begins to channel the ability after the cast. Let the cast finish and channel begin, then Leg Sweep/Paralyze to stop the channel. If you stop the cast before the channel begins, it will re-cast.

Mistveil Tender – Casts Nourish the forest, which will heal all mobs around it. This is a good cast to assign yourself to kick every time, as there are not many other casts in the second wing of trash.

Mistveil Shaper – Casts Bramblethorn Coat, interrupt or purge the shield if it gets off.

Maze Mini-Bosses

Within the maze, there will be one of three mini-bosses. Which one of the three is active seems to be random.


Mistveil Nightblossom – Casts Triple Bite on the tank. This does a lot of damage, and leaves behind a poison. Dispel it if you get hit, but you can simply outrange the cast by walking or rolling out of melee range as it’s casting, and not get hit.

Mistveil Matriarch – The Matriarch has a fronal disorient that we definitely don’t want to stand in, but the main thing we’re concerned with is the healing pool that the dragon will drop under itself. Just move it out as soon as it drops.

Mistveil Gorgegullet – Casts Tongue Lashing, a frontal pointed at the tank.


Every so often the boss will cast Patty Cake on the tank, which will one shot you, and only the tank can kick it. Just make sure you’re always in range of the boss to kick it.

Use Leg Sweep/Ring of Peace to keep illusionary Vulpin from freezing anyone.

You can Paralyze the Vulpin and leave it cc’ed if it spawns away from the boss.

Don’t let Guessing Game distract you from the Patty Cake interrupt!

Third Wing

Spinemaw Staghorn – This mob requires two players assigned to each for interrupts, as it will cast two important abilities.

Stimulate Resistance will form an absorption shield around the mob.

Stimulate Regeneration is a channel that will heal all nearby mobs.

The Staghorns cannot be stunned, so make sure you always have a kick for Stimulate Regeneration. If you run out of interrupts, you can purge Stimulate Resistance with Arcane Torrent, if you have a Blood Elf in the party.

Spinemaw Reaver – These mobs are not necessary to pull, but may patrol into a pack that you are fighting. They do high party damage, but you can help by dispelling Debilitating Poisons on the party.


Watch your feet during this trash! There are a ton of ground effects, and getting hit by the swirls can knock you off the platform.


There’s actually quite a bit going on here, even for us as tanks. There’s a couple interrupts that are very, very important.

The first is Consumption. I recommend having a DPS assigned to kick this every time. When Tred’ova phases, she’ll gain an absorption shield and start doing heavy ticking damage to the party. It’s important that your DPS burn through this shield quickly, so that the cast can be interrupted. 

The second set of casts is what I recommend assigning yourself to interrupt. There are three casts that essentially do the same thing, but get more deadly each time it is cast. If any of these casts get off, one of your party members will get a parasite attached to them that will start off pacifying them (Parasitic Pacification), then stunning them (Parasitic Incapacitation), then mind controlling them (Parasitic Domination). Each of these will only be cast once in the fight, and they will be in that order. If any of them get off, quickly focus down the parasite to break the player out. 

Parasitic Domination is especially dangerous, because it’s a mind control. Any cleave damage done in an attempt to kill the parasite will also kill the party member. I recommend saving Touch of Death for this situation until you are 100% confident that none of these casts will ever get off. Touch of Death is a fantastic way to deal with the parasite, as it will one-shot it.

Tred’ova will also summon several larva adds, pick them up when you can, but be aware they will fixate party members in intervals (so don’t be alarmed if you “lose aggro”)

She will also tether party members together with Mind Link. One party member will be chosen as the “anchor” and will be tethered to each of the other party members. This person needs to run 40 yards away to break it. If they are a slow class, you can help them out by moving in the opposite direction.


The final, but most important, and most difficult ability for us to deal with, is Acid Expulsion.

The tooltip can be pretty confusing to understand, so let’s break it down.


The very first time Acid Expulsion is cast, it will simply put a swirl under your feet, and you need to dodge it. Simple enough, right?

The second time is where it gets complicated. Each additional time the ability is cast, the boss will remember the way that you dodged it. So, the second time the ability is cast, you’ll still see one swirl under your feet. However, when this swirl lands, an additional pool will land with it, and it will land in the location that you were in when the first swirl landed, relative to the new swirl.

I know, this still sounds complicated, but stick with me here.




So let’s pretend that she’s casting Acid Expulsion for the second time, and I see the swirl under my feet. The first time it was cast, I dodged to the right. So this time, I’m going to dodge backwards. You’ll still only see the one swirl under your feet, but when it lands, a second pool will also land just to the right of it, because that’s where I was relative to the first swirl when it landed.

So that giant green circle on this picture (because I don’t exactly have images of WoW swirls laying around) will be where the “invisible” pool lands.

Now the third time it is cast, I have dodged to the right, and backwards. So when that swirl lands, there will be a pool under the swirl, as well as to the right of it, and behind it, so I will dodge to the left.

A really easy way to handle this mechanic is to have a set order in which you dodge. Make sure that you have room to accomodate for this plan before the ability is cast every time (so if you’re planning to dodge to the left, make sure that there’s nothing to your left before the swirl comes out!)

I recommend something simple like right, then back, then left. But as you start to get to higher keys and the fight lasts longer, you might need to get a little more creative, like going northeast, then east, then southeast, etc. all the way around in a circle. Just make sure that you stay either very spread apart from your other party members to give yourself plenty of room, or communicate with your melee and all stack on top of each other and move the same direction every time. The second option will conserve a lot more space, but take a lot more coordination, so I recommend only doing that in groups with people you regularly play with.