Spires of Ascension | Brewmaster Guide

by Nov 8, 2020

Welcome to the Brewmaster Guide to Spires of Ascension! This guide will cover notable trash mobs and abilities as well as Brewmaster-specific boss strategies and tips. It is important to note that these guides are meant to be an entry into mid-higher level keystones from a Brewmaster-only perspective. They are by no means a comprehensive guide of every mechanic or ability that you will find in a dungeon, but instead offer need-to-know information for a Brewmaster wanting to get into pushing higher key levels. For a more complete, beginner-friendly overview of this dungeon, check out the Spires of Ascension Dungeon Strategy Guide on Wowhead.

First Wing

Forsworn Vanguard – Casts Sweeping Blow, an unavoidable frontal on the tank.

Forsworn Castigator – Will spam Dark Lash on the group which creates heavy party damage. Will also cast Burden of Knowledge, a dispellable magic DoT.

Castigators will not move well since they spam cast, so always bring other mobs to the Castigator.

Forsworn Goliath – Cast Rebellious Fist, which does Massive AoE damage if the cast gets off. Rebellious Fist is a two-kick rotation.

Forsworn Mender – 

Healer mob, casts Forsworn Doctrine on a one-melee-kick rotation.

Also casts Imbue Weapon, which causes the Mender’s weapon to inflict additional high magic damage. Have someone immediately purge this buff, and the Mender will drop the weapon on the ground nearby. A party member can pick the weapon up and gain a buff that causes their next melee attack to do a large cleave in front of them. Tanks should pick this up, as it is excellent for threat.

For every pack in the first wing, assign two players to trade interrupts on the Goliath, one player to kick the Mender, and use any spare interrupts/stuns/cc for Dark Lash. Have the healer dispel Burden of Knowledge to save interrupts for the other abilities.


Azules, the bird, will periodically fly away to the other side of the room. Always tank Kin-Tara on the bird, so be ready to roll after it and drag the boss back on top of the bird. Position it quickly, so that you don’t get hit by Attenuated Barrage.

Azules will cast Attenuated Barrage and throw missiles out in a cone from his front. Kin-Tara will also cast a fronal, called Overhead Slash.

Try to tank Kin-Tara just to the side of Azules, facing the frontal to the side so that melee DPS have room to hit both bosses without standing in the frontal from either boss.

Second Wing

Forsworn Stealthclaw

These mobs patrol in stealth in these two locations. If they hit you first they will stun you, but if you hit them first they will not. Run into the area with Rushing Jade Wind/Spinning Crane Kick to pull them out.

Kyrian Dark-Praetor

Always bring other mobs to this mob. It will periodically leap away from the tank and spam cast Dark Seeker until the tank gets back in melee range.

Etherdiver – These mobs will cast a very fast frontal called Maw-Touched Venom. Only some Etherdivers will cast it, not every one in the pack, and it seems to be random which ones.

Forsworn Champion – Same Imbue Weapon cast as the Forsworn Mender.

Forsworn Inquisitor – Same exact abilities as Forsworn Castigator from First Wing.

Forsworn Squad-Leader – This mob has an aura that reduces its allies’ damage taken by area of effect attacks by 75%. Hard-focus this mob down first.


Don’t be afraid to crowd-control as many mobs as possible in packs that have a Squad-Leader and single-target down the Squad-Leader before engaging the rest of the pack. Always drag the pull to the Dark-Praetor.


Tank the boss on the outside edge of the room. Make sure to face her outwards for the Blinding Flash frontal.

Every time she leaves behind a Shadowhirl, move her about 20 yards away, around the edge of the circle. This leaves plenty of space to dodge the incoming Dark Bolts from previous pools.

Do your best to drop all Shadowhirls at the edge of the room, and stand on the far edge for Recharge, to dodge the bolts.

Third Wing

The mobs at the start of this platform are highly advisable to skip. As a brewmaster, we are actually able to do this skip entirely with our own toolkit, no rogue required.

Hug the right side, and when you reach the 3-pack before the stairs, jump up on the wall and go around the back side of the pillar. You can run along the back side all the way up until just before the next pack, at the top of the stairs.

Paralyze the mob on the right. If you have a demon hunter or rogue, have them Imprison or Sap this mob instead, as it is safer. If you don’t have a demon hunter or rogue, use Ring of Peace to knock the mob out of aggro range. You can run by it on the stairs, but it’s safer to then jump up on the wall and go right across the wall.

The only other trash that we will be pulling in this area are the Forsworn Usurpers. There are 7 on each side, and you can tag one of them on the end to pull them all, without pulling any of the elite mobs.

Once you tag them, Line-of-Sight them behind a pillar to get them all to run in.

If you don’t have a rogue, hug all the way right and run through the single Usurper to get through without pulling the elites.


Make sure you are on the other side of the boss from melee, at least 8 yards away, for Charged Stomp. Use Celestial Brew if not topped up, as it is magic damage.

Be ready to roll/torpedo very quickly over to your party to stack for Empyreal Ordnance. This will leave behind Anima Fields that will later turn into anima orbs. Have the party stack tightly to drop the pools, then quickly move out.

Ideally, we want to drop all pools in a line, so that when the boss phases and the pools turn into anima orbs, we can soak them all without moving/losing damage on the boss.

When the boss phases, he will take 100% increased damage and cause all Anima Fields left behind from Emyreal Ordnance to turn into anima orbs, which move towards the boss.

Anima orbs will do a small burst of damage to the player that soaks them, but if they reach the boss, they will do a large burst to all players. You can have a rogue cloak some or all of the orbs, but other immunities such as Turtle or Ice Block should only be used if absolutely necessary, as they require the dps to stop attacking during a 100% damage increase phase. If you don’t have a rogue to cloak, use Celestial Brew/cooldowns/externals and soak the orbs. Make sure to stay 5 yards away from other players, as the burst from soaking splashes to all players within 5 yards.

Final Platform

The final platform contains three mini-boss Forsworn enemies that each have unique abilities. When any of them die, the others will heal up to full, so pull them one at a time unless you have a VERY coordinated group. There is a small window (2-3 seconds) between one of them dying, and the others healing to full, so you can technically pull two at a time and kill them completely evenly, but this is risky.



Casts Diminuendo in a large frontal cone, so make sure it’s facing away from the party.

This mini-boss has an aura that increases the damage taken of all party members, stacking. It will put a debuff called Oppression that increases all damage taken by 2% per stack, and stack up for as long as you are in combat with her.


This mini-boss has an aura that stacks a DoT on all party members called Intimidation. The DoT will last as long as the group is in combat, and will stack up, doing more damage the longer it takes to kill her.


This mini-boss will periodically throw out Charged Spears, which can target any player except the tank. These spears will explode in a crossfire periodically until all the angels die. The angle of the crossfire can be determined by drawing a straight line from Astronos to the spear at the time it lands, which will be one of the axes for the crossfire.

Devos, Paragon of Doubt

Devos will cast Abyssal Detonation. Make sure you are standing within the barrier created by Archon’s Bastion.

In Phase 2, pick up the raw anima orbs and bring them to the spear to unlock it.

When throwing the spear, Devos will change positions almost immediately after you pick it up. Wait for her to fly to the new position, then throw it, or you will likely miss.