Spires of Ascension | Brewmaster Guide


First Wing

Forsworn Vanguard – Casts Sweeping Blow, an unavoidable frontal on the tank

Forsworn Mender –  Healer, casts Forsworn Doctrine on a one-melee-kick rotation.

Also casts Imbue Weapon, which causes the Mender’s weapon to inflict additional high magic damage. Have someone immediately purge this buff, and the Mender will drop the weapon on the ground nearby. A party member can pick the weapon up and gain a buff that causes their next melee attack to do a large cleave in front of them. Tanks should pick this up, as it is excellent for threat.

Forsworn Castigator – Will spam Dark Lash on the group which creates heavy party damage. Will also cast Burden of Knowledge, a dispellable magic DoT.

Castigators will not move well since they spam cast, always bring other mobs to the Castigator

Forsworn Goliath – Cast Rebellious Fist, which does Massive AoE damage if the cast gets off. Rebellious Fist is a two-kick rotation.

First Wing TLDR

For every pack in the first wing, assign two players to trade interrupts on the Goliath, one player to kick the Mender, and use any spare interrupts/stuns/cc for Dark Lash. Have the healer dispel Burden of Knowledge to save interrupts for the other abilities.




Second Wing

Forsworn Stealthclaw – These mobs patrol in stealth in these two locations. If they hit you first they will stun you, but if you hit them first they will not. Run into the area with Rushing Jade Wind/Spinning Crane Kick to pull them out.

Kyrian Dark-Praetor – Always bring other mobs to this mob. It will periodically leap away from the tank and spam cast Dark Seeker until the tank gets back in melee range.

Etherdiver – Maw touched venom frontal, VERY fast cast, only some will do it

Forsworn Champion – Same Imbue Weapon cast as the Forsworn Mender

Forsworn Inquisitor – Same exact abilities as Forsworn Castigator from First Wing

Forsworn Squad-Leader – This mob has an aura that reduces its allies’ damage taken by 75%. Hard-focus this mob down first.

Second Wing TLDR

Don’t be afraid to CC as many mobs as possible in packs that have a Squad-Leader and single-target down the Squad-Leader before engaging the rest of the pack. Always drag the pull to the Dark-Praetor.



Third Wing

Forsworn Usurper LoS

Final Platform