Advanced: PvE Conduits


Welcome to PeakofSerenity’s Mistweaver Monk PvE Conduit Guide. This guide is designed to be a more in-depth look at the Conduit recommendations from the main PvE guide. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

This guide has been updated for Patch 9.2 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.

Any values in red change with conduit rank, this includes indirect effects and values.

Mistweaver Potency Conduits

Jade Bond

Abilities that activate Gust of Mist reduce the cooldown on Yu’lon (or Chi-ji) by 0.3 sec, and Yu’lon‘s Celestial Breath (or Chi-Ji‘s Gust of Mist) healing is increased by 6.25%.

  • Overall: A weak choice. The healing it provides isn’t superb, but the cooldown reduction aspect is decent if you can make use of it. Chi-ji‘s Gust of Mist and Gust of Mist procs the cooldown reduction while Bonedust Brew‘s Gust of Mist does not. If your target is affected by your Essence Font HoT, then Jade Bond does provide double the cooldown reduction. Everything put together, it reduces the cooldown of our Celestials by about 30 seconds under normal circumstances.
  • Raiding: Very good if you can make use of the cooldown reduction by getting an extra Celestial cast in during an encounter.
  • Mythic+: Could be a useful conduit for Mythic+ if you select Chi-ji as a talent to do a bit more healing during that window while still dealing damage.


Nourishing Chi

Life Cocoon increases healing over time received by an additional 18.75%, and this bonus lingers for an additional 6 seconds after the shield is broken.

  • Overall: Pretty bad. We are already not a heavy HoT-based healing class, so a 18.75% boost to our HoT healing isn’t much. Additionally, only the 18.75% bonus healing stays after the absorb breaks, not 50% + 18.75% as you might expect.
  • Raiding: Life Cocoon is already a life-saver, preventing a lot of damage and allowing you to quickly get the target up through a combination of Enveloping Mist and Vivify. We really don’t need the extra healing from this Conduit.
  • Mythic+: Same as for raiding, we really don’t need this, the absorb shield and healing you do during it without this Conduit are already enough.
Resplendent Mist

Gust of Mists has a 30% chance to do 50% more healing.

  • Overall: It’s pretty dull but it’s still 15% extra Mastery healing on average which, for a Conduit, is not bad at all.
  • Raiding: It’s decent, not much more to say about this. It will increase the potency of chasing HoTs after an Essence Font cast especially. This increase Chi-ji‘s Gust of Mist as well as normal Gust of Mists but not Bonedust Brew‘s Gust of Mist.
  • Mythic+: With Mastery being our best healing stat in Mythic+ (with the downside of it not contributing to damage), this is actually a decent Conduit. Our Mastery allows us to top people off quickly, making it more potent through this Conduit could allow us to get back to doing damage quicker.


Rising Sun Revival

Rising Sun Kick reduces the remaining cooldown on Revival by 1 sec, and Revival heals targets for 12.5% of its initial heal over 10 sec.

  • Overall: A bit disappointing. If you use Rising Sun Kick nearly on cooldown this will give you about 15 seconds of cooldown reduction. As Revival itself doesn’t do that much healing, increasing it by 12.5% won’t do much for it, especially as it’s delivered over 10 seconds.
  • Raiding: If timings on mechanics are iffy the cooldown reduction of this Conduit could help you fit Revival in the healing cooldown rotation. The healing itself will likely overheal as you and your co-healers heal up the remaining damage afterwards pretty rapidly and isn’t really much to begin with.
  • Mythic+: Very underwhelming, Revival in dungeons isn’t great and this Conduit doesn’t really make it any better.



Covenant Potency Conduits

Bone Marrow Hops

Bonedust Brew‘s Shadow damage/healing is increased by 40%, and when Bonedust Brew deals Shadow damage/healing, its cooldown is reduced by 0.5 sec, up to 2.5 seconds per cast.

  • Overall: A pretty decent Conduit. The healing increase is a relative increase, meaning it doesn’t increase the Shadow damage/healing to 75%, but rather to 49%, making that part of it sound better than it is, but it’s still a noticeable increase. The cooldown reduction part being capped at 2.5 second per cast of Bonedust Brew as well is kind of a bummer, though.
  • Raiding: Pretty good. It increases our healing during Bonedust Brew even further making it quite desirable. Overall, you’re looking at about a 6% increase in total healing while Bonedust Brew is active compared to using it without the Conduit.
  • Mythic+: It gives us both more damage if you throw Bonedust Brew on enemies and more healing if you throw it on allies. As it affects both, it’s pretty solid for Mythic+ as well.


Imbued Reflections

Fallen Order Monks deal 36.25% more damage and healing.

  • Overall: As a Venthyr Mistweaver, this is the best conduit you can get. Fallen Order does a sizable amount of healing and augmenting that by quite a margin is a large boost. However, the risk of overhealing is rather large as your Fallen Order clones only heal a handful of targets. Its damage potential is good not only through the damage boost from the conduit, but also because the healing boost allows you to spend more time doing damage.
  • Raiding: Very good if damage is large, otherwise it will overheal. It also allows you to do some more damage.
  • Mythic+: The healing effect will allow you to spend more time doing damage, as your Fallen Order clones will do most of the healing for you! In addition, they do some damage through Tiger Palm, Keg Smash and regular melee attacks, which are buffed by the conduit as well.


Strike with Clarity

Weapons of Order‘s duration is increased by 5 sec, and the Mastery bonus is increased by 1.25%. This also factors in our mastery scaling so it’s really 5.25%.

  • Overall: The 5.25% extra Mastery for 35 (30 seconds base duration +5 seconds from the conduit) seconds is basically nothing. You can think of this as buying a boat while living in the desert… completely useless.
  • Raiding: Useless. The 5 seconds increased duration does not give you an extra Essence Font cast during Weapons of Order and the Mastery bonus is very, very low.
  • Mythic+: Very low Mastery bonus and nothing for our damage. Probably even more useless for Mythic+ than it is for raiding.


Way of the Fae

Faeline Stomp deals 21% additional damage per target, up to a maximum of 105% additional damage.

  • Overall: This Conduit does absolutely nothing for healing. The damage increase can be nice though as it scales with more enemies (up to 5).
  • Raiding: Don’t even consider this for raiding. We don’t care about the damage increase in raids and you’ll hardly ever see situations in which you can even cap it out anyway.
  • Mythic+: This is probably the best DPS increase we can get, so for Mythic+ this will likely see some use if you choose to join the Night Fae.


Endurance Conduits

Fortifying Ingredients

Fortifying Brew grants you a shield equal to 12% of your maximum health for 15 sec.

  • Overall: We’re already very tanky, so we don’t really need it. But it’s still a nice thing to have to make it easier to survive big hits.
  • Raiding: Can be useful to survive mechanics that hit you very hard and put a lot of stress on your health, as well as negating some smaller damage so you can divert your attention to healing other people in your raid who might need it more.
  • Mythic+: The higher the Keystone level, the more useful this gets to survive abilities that would eventually one-shot you.


Grounding Breath

When Vivify is cast on yourself, its healing is increased by 15%, and it has a 30% chance to refund its cost.

  • Overall: Underwhelming. Any effective Vivify healing on yourself is boosted by 15%, even if you are not the main target. The mana refund on this conduit has a 1 minute internal cooldown.
  • Raiding: It might be a bit easier to keep yourself alive, but the effective difference will be marginal. Due to the 1 minute internal cooldown on the mana refund it makes for a weak Conduit for raiding.
  • Mythic+: The mana refund is even more useless in Mythic+ than it is in raiding as you can frequently drink. The increase in Vivify healing also isn’t a big deal in Mythic+.


Harm Denial

Expel Harm‘s healing is increased by 25%.

  • Overall: Very useless. We don’t want to cast Expel Harm unless we’re moving and both Essence Font and Renewing Mist are on cooldown (which is a rare occurrence). It’s a spell that you likely won’t ever press. It does basically 0 healing, and 0 times 25% is still 0.
  • Raiding: Useless, see above.
  • Mythic+: Useless, see above.



Finesse Conduits

Dizzying Tumble

Targets affected by your Leg Sweep deal 6.25% less damage for 5 seconds.

  • Overall: It’s a nice passive damage reduction when your Leg Sweep stun ends allowing you to shift your focus for a tiny bit longer.
  • Raiding: With bosses always immune to stuns and adds getting the same treatment more often than not, this one will be pretty useless.
  • Mythic+: Quite useful. With trash packs susceptible to stuns this will make both your tank and the rest of the group take less damage, allowing you to heal them up quicker and resume doing damage.


Lingering Numbness

When Paralysis ends, your target’s movement speed is reduced by 40.0% for 5 seconds.

  • Overall: With all the CC capabilities we have, a slowing effect is really the only thing we were missing. This Conduit takes care of that. The fact that the slow starts when the incapacitation effect ends makes it really powerful to create distance between your target and their target.
  • Raiding: With bosses always immune to incapacitation effects and adds getting the same treatment more often than not, this one will be pretty useless.
  • Mythic+: It will help your tank kite during Necrotic weeks and, if they don’t pick up aggro, you can kite them yourself. Pretty useful for Mythic+ because of it!


Swift Transference

Transcendence: Transfer increases your movement speed by 12.5% for 5 seconds.

  • Overall: It’s a small speed increase after teleporting to your Transcendence spirit, but given how hypermobile we already are with our movement abilities, a small speed increase would not make a real difference.
  • Raiding: It can help you get back slightly quicker after teleporting out of the group for a mechanic, but we already have Roll/Chi Torpedo for that.
  • Mythic+: As you’re constantly on the move and get out of range of your Transcendence spirit, you won’t really be able to get any use out of this.


Tumbling Technique

Blackout Kick has a 6.0% chance to grant a charge of Roll/Chi Torpedo.

  • Overall: As Blackout Kick is a part of our DPS rotation which we can execute during downtime, we don’t have to go out of our way to get it to proc. The Blackout Kicks from Teachings of the Monastery are affected by this Conduit as well, making it possible to regain both of your charges by pressing Blackout Kick once. The fact that it’s a chance makes it unreliable, though. Also, with our 2 baseline charges, we are very mobile already and odds are you won’t need another charge before they have recharged.
  • Raiding: It could help you recharge your Roll/Chi Torpedo in high movement phases if you bank your Teachings of the Monastery stacks and there’s something to hit nearby. However, due to how unreliable it is, you can’t calculate that in to get somewhere quicker.
  • Mythic+: It can help you traverse towards the next pack quicker to give you more time to drink if you get it to proc and you’re already missing charges. Otherwise you won’t get a lot of use out of this.