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General Description

This is the penultimate fight in Antorus, the Burning Throne. Although there are plenty of extra targets spawned throughout the fight, it plays out as mostly single target. It is a mechanic focused fight, testing both personal survivability as well as awareness.

Windwalker is a great asset on this fight on any difficulty.



The first half of the fight is understanding how to survive mechanics.

As a rule of thumb, dodge anything that looks like a giant wave of fire. This requires you to look around for flares on ranged players, as well as boss casts. For the record, if the boss casts Wake of Flame on someone else and you’re inside the boss’s hitbox, you won’t get hit.

You’ll need to “survive” tank mechanics, which basically comes down to never being near a tank. The boss cleaves onto the closest target, tank combos will kill you (Foe Breaker), and on Mythic, Foe Breaker stuns anyone within 20 yards of the tank.

Luckily most of the visuals are very clear on this fight so you’ll have an easy time recognizing what could kill you.

Transcendence is a great asset to have. Place it down; it’s a huge perk to have it down near the middle of the platform already. Moving in and out of AoEs, canceling knockbacks; getting a timely healing winds… It’s all good on this fight and might save you more than once.



There are two major mechanics to deal with:

The first one is the Taeshalach Technique, or “combo”. This will consist of two Foe Breakers, which only the tank should soak, two Flame Rends, which the whole raid should soak, and one Searing Tempest out of which everyone must move. This is easy as a a Windwalker with so many great tools to get out of it.

On Mythic, you can only get hit by a single Flame Rend per combo. Make sure you keep way out of the frontal hits from this boss, as the hitbox is definitely very wide.

The second mechanic comes with intermissions. At 80% and 40%, Aggramar goes immune until you kill two Flame of Taeshalach.
The boss will also spawn embers of taeschalach around the room. These can be killed but on heroic and above they revive after a few seconds, making this a bad solution, only slowing them down. If they reach the boss or after 3 minutes, they explode, inflicting massive raidwide damage over time. This stacks up. You will need to crowd control them to slow them down and let only one get to the boss at a time.

Paralysis is a great asset here on heroic, stopping embers of taeschalach as long as you keep it up. Leg Sweep stuns them shortly, but Ring of Peace is the real MVP. It keeps them crowd controlled for 10 seconds and bumps them back, making it a very powerful AoE CC.

On Mythic, crowd controls last way less, making Ring of Peace even stronger. Make sure it never gets in the way of death grips, as delaying adds too efficiently might backfire and not allow you to get them to the boss fast enough. I suggest keeping the pace under control. Right after you got a debuff, it is usually safe to Ring of Peace for maximum efficiency, as it will fade around the time you want one more add to go through.

It is a very good asset on Mythic when Searing Tempest is starting as any adds hit by it are empowered until dispelled which can often be a catastrophe. Keep that in mind!

This is a very cool part of the fight, as it adds extra target with more to it than just killing things. It tests coordination, focus, awareness. On Mythic it is quite a challenging mechanic, yet, not overly complicated.