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General Description

This is one of the early fights in Antorus, but a very special one. It is a set of three bosses, with only one active at once. They share health bars, and will rotate being the boss. During two thirds of the fight, adds will be spawning regularly and need to be dealt with.
During the whole fights, players are interacting with “pods” next to the bosses, vehicles with action buttons which let you deal with boss mechanics.



Throughout the fight, Entropic Mine will spawn on players. Walking over them or letting them expire will grant players a stacking dot that quickly becomes deadly. Popping a couple Entropic Mine will not cause much harm, but 4 or 5 going off at the wrong time might very well mean a wipe. Be wary of where you go! The third boss pod, while General Erodus is active, will grant players the ability to disable these Entropic Mine by putting Felshield Emitter on the floor next to them.

While admiral Svirax is not active, she’ll regularly cast Fusillade, a raid wide AoE that will deal very heavy damage unless players are hidden under a Felshield spawned by the second boss pod.

Every 30 seconds, adds will spawn in waves of three. One Fanatical Pyromancer  is in each wave; it will cast Pyroblast which should be interrupted. Two Felblade Shocktrooper will jump on random players and start Bladestorm on them. Don’t stand near them. Avoid baiting them on top of the raid in Felshields during Fusillade.



All three bosses have their own pod with 2 abilities. As soon as they go active, they’ll leave the pod empty, ready to be used by players. It is advised there should always be a player in the pods as the first ability, Chaos Pulse, will stack up a damage increase on the boss which is very interesting to refresh.

Being in a pod will stack up a damaging dot on you, Psychic Assault, which means you should rotate being in the pod very 40-45 seconds roughly, and share that burden with another player (Heroic and Mythic difficulty only.)

The second ability depends on the pod.


Windwalker Tips

Always refresh Mark of the Crane on adds if they are in range. There is no point in trying to Tiger Palm the boss as it’s very minor damage. Having the Mark of the Crane stacks will often be worth a lot sooner or later.

Energizing Elixir is a 1 minute CD, adds spawn every 30 seconds. Line them up.

Making the most out of Fists of Fury, Whirling Dragon Punch, and Strike of the Windlord on the adds will allow you to maximize your damage to these while costing you the least boss damage, which will benefit the raid the most.



There are two main additions on mythic to this fight:

Screaming Shrike are a new type of adds that spawn throughout the whole fight and who will try to cast a spell on the pods, Extract Interloper, kicking the player inside out of it. They are a very high priority target unless you are switching players in the pods or pods soon.

They are very interesting as a Windwalker as they live very short lives but grant you a Mark of the Crane stack, provide you an extra target to nuke down with Fists of Fury, and other AOE abilities. Be careful not to have your Storm, Earth, and Fire spirits running to them and wasting spells way out of position. For this reason, it’s often a good idea to remember that if you target one of these bats, your spirits will avoid going onto it themselves.

The second difference is the addition of Shock Grenade. These will place a debuff that will stun you and anyone near you when it expires. It’s extremely easy to move in and out as a monk, but just be wary not to blow up mines on the way.