Argus, the Unmaker


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General Description

Final fight of Antorus, the Burning Throne. Pretty long, with a significant amount of role-play. Phases are coherent, yet very different from one another.

Windwalker is here again one of the best damage dealers out there, however the only issue with it is that immunities help a lot with the Mythic difficulty of this fight. However, due to their strengths, a lot of raid groups still kept their Windwalker throughout this pretty tight fight.

I’ll look at phases one by one, and leave out Mythic difficulty for now.



Phase 1:

This is a very straightforward phase. Two abilities leave patches of Death Fog on the floor, obvious black pools, refrain from ever walking over them. Standing in front of the boss will end up getting you Sweeping Scythed to death with the tanks; refrain from doing so unless you checked the Sweeping Scythe timer.

Periodic damage comes out through Tortured Rage. However, it is never gonna risk killing you unless some other ability is hitting you, so save defensives/healthstones for those overlaps.

The main danger during this phase is Soulblight. Hard hitting damage over time, and leaves a patch of Death Fog as it expires. Usually, place Transcendence next to the boss, roll back before the dot expires and be away from the raid to place it, then Transcendence back. Don’t stand still for too long as the Death Fog is pretty quick to tick (and likes to bug out at times as well.) Use defensives on this if it overlaps Tortured Rage.

Last, roughly every 30 seconds, buffs will be applied to a couple players. After they expire, they’ll leave an orb of the sea or sky that will grant anyone nearby a buff of 2000 to two secondary stats (haste and versatility, or critical chance and mastery.) You can only pick up one of the two and they stack up if you go over the next orb of the same type.

As windwalkers, you’ll want to pick up the Strength of the Sky (blue lightning ball), that grants critical chance and mastery. Don’t go out of your way to pick it up as Death Fog hits very hard.

This phase ends at 70%. You’ll want to stack up in the middle of the room as it is getting cleaned from Death Fog and the outer parts are deadly. During this short transition, the boss takes a small break from casting Sweeping Scythe.


Phase 2:

This phase has a few very simple mechanics to deal with. A bit of awareness is the only thing required from you.

The boss will summon some Edge of Obliteration, large scythes that will draw a line then deal significant damage over time to anyone hit by them. It is an extremely obvious mechanic and up until Heroic, the scythes are so slow to hit that you have no excuse ever getting hit by them. A single Roll is enough to get out of harm’s way.

The second mechanic is a set of debuffs being applied on players. You’ll only be concerned by Soulburst: this debuff deals significant damage to you and the whole raid as it expires. Be away from the raid when the debuff expires, but also be away from the other two debuffs, specially the Soulbomb (similar debuff but it hits way harder). These debuffs have extremely obvious visual effects so you cannot miss them. Basically, place Transcendence a few yards behind the boss (to avoid scythes on your way back), look where the other debuffs are moving, and move to the last spot that’s away from the raid and the other two.

This phase ends on 40.5% roughly.


Phase 3:

This is an intermission phase that doesn’t exist on Mythic difficulty.

There is very little to say about this phase. Adds will spawn around the room. They will cast a lot of different spells, but the only one you’ll care about interrupting is Cosmic Beacon. Interrupting anything else is an issue on Heroic as it’ll make the next Cosmic Beacon non-interruptible.

Two of these adds will be picked up by the tanks, and the rest stand still. Tanks will most likely drag the dual-wielding add over another target, consider being there for cleave.

These adds have a debuff increasing their damage taken for a specific type of damage. This will happen a few seconds after they spawn. The Physical Vulnerability add spawns right in the middle of the room, under the large throne. Hitting it with Touch of Death during vulnerability is absolutely massive due to galeburst double dipping.

After it is dead, keep in mind there is a Nature Vulnerability add to use Touch of KarmaChi Wave, and Crackling Jade Lightning on.

Once all of the adds die, the boss phases into last phase and resets all your Storm, Earth, and Fire cooldowns. Use them prior!


Phase 4:

This phase starts with a lot of role-play: the boss will grab every player and scythe them to death. After some more role-play, Eonar will grant you the ability to release soul and walk to a Gift of the Lifebinder tree that resurrects players. This Gift of the Lifebinder will get depleted as players walk over it and ends up disappearing. Therefore, as some mechanics will inevitably kill players, you don’t want to abuse it’s effect by dying to other mechanics.

Soulburst and Soulblight are still up, but while in phase 2 tanks have the ability to save Soulbomb, it is not the case anymore here: players hit by it will most likely die.

Tortured Rage still hits the whole raid.

Small meteors fall from the sky and apply a long damage over time debuff as they land. Taking one debuff is bad enough, getting hit by two in a row is a huge amount of damage to heal through and probably deadly.

Besides surviving these mechanics (which ends up coming down to dodging stuff), apocalypse modules are spawned periodically. You’ll need to kill them quickly while remaining efficient, as when they expire they will do a large AoE based on the time it took you to get rid of them.

This is basically it for Argus on Heroic and Normal difficulty: a very straight forward fight with no hard dps check if you execute each mechanic properly.



This is the last mythic fight of the last tier of legion. It’s quite close to the heroic fight, with a few changes to make it way more challenging. The first difference is the absence of phase 3. When reaching 40.5% at the end of phase 2, Argus will instantly do the last transition, kill all players and go back to 60% health. This reduces the impact of execute classes on this part of the fight, which is the hardest damage check.

The second difference is the addition of the “Mythic debuffs” through Sargeras’s Gaze. This spell will apply two sets of debuffs on players:

  • Sargeras’ Rage will grant a stacking 30 seconds dot to any player close to you
  • Sargeras’ Fear will grant a stacking 30 seconds dot whenever you’re not close to another player

These debuffs are reapplied shortly after they expire. The longer the fight goes on, the more debuffs are applied. Your group will most likely have a specific way to deal with these by spreading players evenly. As a melee, there is no difference throughout the fight as you can get either debuff starting with first set.

When moving around with Sargeras’ Rage, be aware of cooldowns. Don’t get scythed by the boss on your way to a safe spot, don’t risk overlapping others to pick up buffs. This will make it much harder for you to end phase 1 with the maximum amount of the buff.

The way you deal with these debuffs is increasingly difficult as the fight goes on and more debuffs are applied. Get used to them quickly. Whenever debuffs expire, spread a bit. It is better to get one stack of the Fear debuff on you, which can be healed through, than to spread the Unleashed Rage debuff to several people.

If you get a stack of either debuff, be extremely aware of damage incoming. Tortured Rage isn’t dangerous, but on top of any other damage, it is scary. Be sure to use Diffuse Magic and Touch of Karma smartly and not instantly as you get debuffs. Be very quick on your use of healthstones and pick them up on every pull. They’ll reset while you transition to phase 3 anyways.

Repair before every pull. You can mount up on the platform, so make sure you do it. With guaranteed deaths throughout the fight, it’s risky to go in with mediocre durability.


Phase 1:

This is roughly the same as heroic phase 1 with the addition of mythic debuffs which will induce specific positioning and movement. Death Fog is extremely deadly (one tick can easily kill you from full health without huge health pools, avoidance and versatility.

Soulblight Orb is equally as deadly. If it hits you when Tortured Rage is coming, you’re in danger. If you use Diffuse Magic or Touch of Karma for it, use them slightly late rather than early, as you can get clipped by Death Fog at the end of the debuff even if you’re on the move (in theory this is fixed, however better safe than sorry!)

Beyond that, phase 1 is just a dps race to avoid getting an extra cast of Sargeras’s Gaze. As it ends, the boss will NOT cast scythes for the whole transition to phase 2 (Golganneth’s Wrath). This means you have plenty of room to go under the boss and leave some room in the center of the platform for debuffs, Death Fog etc.


Phase 2:

Once the transition is over, you’re just dealing with a pretty simple phase 2. Nothing special about this except more Sargeras’s Gaze debuffs. Check how your group deals with Soulburst/Soulbomb as it often differs from usual heroic tactics.

Getting hit by Edge of Obliteration on mythic is unforgiving. Blessing of protection from a Paladin can save you, but otherwise it’s a LOT of healing so you’re not really allowed to get hit by it. They spin much faster than heroic, which is almost better, if you ask me. You can get a rough idea of where the next scythe hit will be by checking the rotating visual aiming before it spins.

As you reach 40.5%, the boss transitions to phase 3. As soon as he starts transitioning, you can suicide to start your potion/healthstones timers for the final phase.


Phase 3:

Unlike heroic, this transition doesn’t fully reset your Storm, Earth, and Fire stacks. You’ll want to have one stack coming up soon as phase 2 ends to have both stacks for phase 3 as roleplay is slightly more than 1 minute.

The boss will go back to 60% health, Eonar will do her usual roleplay and summon a tree. As on heroic, you can use rolls to get to the tree. Make sure you dodge the wandering adds as the time lost by slowing down the group can mean a wipe on its own.

Phase 3 has a lot more to offer than the heroic version. Bombs and bursts do not exist anymore, nor do the swirlies. apocalypse modules are very different from heroic ones.

The first mythic addition is the final version of Edge of Obliteration: two sets of scythes will spawn, one on each side of the platform. They will swipe half the platform each, but taking turns. You’ll see the scythes spinning before they go off. As a result, if you’re standing on a scythe that’s not spinning, you’re safe. But also, if you’re standing between two scythes which are spinning, you’re safe as well.

The second mechanic is Sentence of Sargeras. This is Windwalker’s weak point for sure. Three debuffs are applied on random alive players. When they expire or when the player moves out far enough from his starting position, the whole raid takes a stacking dot (extreme raidwide damage.)

Using any sort of immunity prior to debuffs going off will potentially remove one of the debuffs from the fight. This is extremely potent but we don’t have access to it.

When hit by this, if you are asked to break the chain quickly, be sure you don’t forget Sargeras’s Gaze debuffs. If you need an escort with Sargeras’ Fear, ask for it, if you have Sargeras’ Rage and are in an awkward spot, be wary of the position of others and scythe timers if you need to go around tanks.

Drop Transcendence on your spot before you go out to break chains. The heal will help a lot, but also getting back in position for free is very good.

Use healthstones/Touch of Karma if it ever gets too hairy in this part of the fight.

apocalypse modules also differ a lot on mythic. Only one spawns each time, and the zone it leaves on the ground doesn’t disappear, making this sort of a soft enrage mechanism. They need to be bursted down.

Usually groups tell you not to go onto them if you have Sargeras’ Rage debuffs but if the rest of the group is stacked enough, it is easy to be in melee range of the module without overlapping anyone. Furthermore, as a WW you can easily focus your Storm, Earth, and Fire on the module while you hit the boss. You should also have Crackling Jade Lightning stacks to line up with modules spawns.

Move out of these before they expire, probably around 30% health. If you have the Sargeras’ Fear debuff, be sure not to move out without others.

This is pretty much all the mechanics you’ll have to deal with, but as you’ll see they will overlap in increasingly hard ways. Most groups do some fancy things on this fight, so I can’t tell for sure what your group will be exactly doing. For instance, a very common strategy is to suicide all players before Sentence of Sargeras are applied to dodge 2 of the 3 debuffs (last one being cast on the last remaining tank), then everyone releasing simultaneously. Don’t forget this resets your potion timer.

Make sure all of your potions are used overlapping with a Touch of Death if possible, make sure you’re aware of how many casts of Touch of Death you can get in each phase.

As it is often the case, playing mechanics right is what’s most important in this part of the fight. Never be afraid to sacrifice huge chunks of damage to be safe with any mechanic, to place Transcendence down to heal yourself up in risky situations. Being greedy will rarely pay off here. Set up your damage nicely, and let the strengths of Windwalker do the rest.