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General Description

This is the council fight in Antorus, however it is designed in a particularly melee unfriendly fashion.

This fight has quite a few relevant mechanics which will test you on your positioning, swiftness, awareness, use of defensives and class knowledge. It can be quite frustrating as many things can slip out of your control though.

Noteworthy: this boss is very easy to reset. Place Transcendence on the stairs outside, taunt Asara out preferably, teleport out.



The fight has 3 targets (4 on mythic), but only two active at the same time. Each one of them has their mechanics, both for tanks and for the rest of the raid. There are few things you actually need to know about them though.

First of all, as long as they are too close, the bosses go immune to damage, so you’ll want a minimal room between them. This makes it very hard to hit two of them with fists of fury, specially with Storm, Earth, and Fire up.

  • Noura, Mother of Flames is probably the deadliest for tanks as for others. She’ll do a frontal cleave, Fiery Strike, on tanks. Getting hit once is fine but twice in a row and you’re probably gone. She periodically sends a Whirling Saber out. It will bump away anyone it lands upon, and deals very important ticking damage while flying back to Noura. Being on it’s way is deadly. Finally, Fulminating Pulse is a hard hitting damage over time debuff which ends with an explosion on anyone close to you. Keep in mind the AoE is only as it expires. Use a defensive if you get hit by that anytime you’re unsure you’ll survive. During other abilities, healers might have a hard time keeping you alive.

  • Asara, Mother of Night is a very special one. She doesn’t melee hit so in case, keep in mind you can tank her. This can come in handy if a tank dies towards the end of the fight, or to prevent movement during tank switches on Noura for instance. Other than that she’ll periodically cast Shadow Blades. Watch out for these, they deal moderate damage and bump you away which can be deadly on this fight.

  • Diima, Mother of Gloom, the third target, has no mechanic you have to deal with directly. Chilled Blood is a heal absorb which will stun you based on remaining amount when it expires, so you can remove it through good krama. Flashfreeze is a tank mechanic which eventually forces a tank swap to avoid a tank being snared, however you can prevent that by giving that tank Tiger’s Lust and removing the debuff.

Storm of Darkness makes this fight much deadlier on Heroic and Mythic. This additional mechanic makes you tick very high periodic damage unless you’re in one of the safe quadrants.

Torment of the Titans is the main mechanic of this fight: regularly, adds will be spawned and cause you to deal with an extra mechanic until they die. It is advised to use a weakaura or a boss mod to know in advance where they will be.

  • Fury of Golganneth will force players to spread two yards. This is very easy if you pay attention to it, but it’s very easy to run over someone, which basically leads to instantaneous death for a few players.
  • Flames of Khaz’goroth will create flamethrowers around the room, making the middle of the room a dead zone. Circulate on the edges until they are clear.
  • Spectral Army of Norgannon is the most iconic of them all. It summons a walking army, one line from each wall, coming towards the middle of the room and crossing paths. These adds are invulnerable for 30 seconds but they can be crowd-controlled. You are meant to use abilities such as Ring of Peace and Paralysis to make a way through these adds and survive. If you panic and get locked in, you can always put down Transcendence, wait for the army to walk over it and get out that way. Preplacing Transcendence is however a smart move.
  • Machinations of Aman’Thul is the only part of the fight which actually requires several players to be alive, as the berserk timer is very lenient. 4 adds are spawned in all corners and they start a long cast at the end of which they replenish their health. It is advised to nuke 1-2 at a time rather than spread efforts around the room.



This fight is just as annoying as a melee on mythic, but luckily mythic actually means more coordination and a better set up, making this fight actually quite simple to be frank. Besides everything being deadlier and torments being more frequent, here are the two main differences:

  • The adds always spawn in the same order, so it’s easier to plan out.
  • There is a Mythic only boss. She casts a non-lethal spell on a random player, Cosmic Glare. You are meant to move out of the group with it. She also needs to be kept interrupted, otherwise she’ll zap random players.

Focus on mechanics as there is barely any sort of damage check on this fight. The first time I played it on Mythic as a melee I ended up away from boss range several times for Storm of Darkness/Fury of Golganneth placement but in the end it was fine.