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General Description

This is a pretty unique fight. It is a mostly add based fight with no boss target but a mix of AoE packs and single target priority adds.
What makes this fight unique and different from Hellfire Assault or Galakras’s phase 1 is that the Eonar encounter is centered on add movements and positioning rather than just being a damage fight. None of the numbers on this fight are hard and because of that, it is very quickly EXTREMELY underwhelming for an organized raid group. You might have, at times, 45 seconds or more of downtime before anything happens if you are too efficient and geared for the difficulty. However, if people don’t know where they should be, run away from healers, tanks, or are inefficient to move, they may wipe.

As you kill adds, Eonar will cast Life Force on the Paraxis, finally resulting in a success of the encounter.


Mechanics and Surviving:

Ring of Peace, Healing Elixir. Many unusual talents shine here, beyond these two. Chi Burst, Chi Orbit are better than ever.

The first and best advice I can give you is to have an up-to-date boss mod. I cannot cover here all the different spawns that may happen. Before you ever pull this boss, notice where the three lanes are, as they’ll define add spawns. The entrance is known as middle, the one next to it, right under, as bottom, and all the way to the top on the other end of the room, is the top lane.

Your boss mod will communicate the spawns to you and let you know where to be and when.

Most of the abilities are very straightforward. Remain away from others when a large circle is showing around your character, run away from large green lasers, most of you would figure this out.

Be careful about Fel-Powered Purifier spawns. These large adds need to be tanked and cast a frontal cone. Your tanks can easily be too slow to pick them up and they’ll instantly melee anything in range. If you’re too close to them as they spawn you will likely die.

Keep in mind if you want to kill the boss, your focus should likely be on those priority targets like Fel-Charged Obfuscator, Fel-Powered Purifier. Follow raid calls as sometimes the difference between a kill and a wipe on this boss is people trying to kill two different targets instead of focusing on a single mob and getting the last cast of Life Force off.

Surviving this boss will make you rely on knowing where your tanks and healers are. Healing Elixir and Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus can be real assets. Damage will not be an issue here, but surviving could be. You’ll often find yourself placing Transcendence down for a quick heal.

Ring of Peace is an insanely strong tool. Most of the small adds can be crowd controlled and this ring will delay them for an easy 12 seconds. Adds will not try to go around a Ring of Peace, they will keep trying to run through it and get bumped backwards. This also allows you to stack up packs on priority targets. As much as we want to go for purifiers, it’s also strong to spam Spinning Crane Kick on it with 17 stacks of Mark of the Crane! This will mostly happen on higher difficulties if at all.



Mythic difficulty adds a lot to this fight. Most of it is out of our control as it comes down to raid organization and assignments.
What I can tell you about though, is what differs. Outside of a whole new pattern for add spawns, you’ll deal with a mythic only part. Periodically, a mini boss, Paraxis Inquisitor, will start a cast attempting to kill everyone in the raid. To prevent that, a group of 4 players will be required to step on small crystals next to Eonar’s position (green crystals on the floor in the middle of the room), and get teleported to a mini boss. He does a couple of Mind Blast  casts which should be interrupted, as well as a Wrack channel which will damage all four players for it’s duration.

This Paraxis Inquisitor will spawn 4 times throughout the fight, and you’ll likely be assigned to one of them. They spawn as the Final Doom encounter cast on your boss modes. You can keep some offensive cooldowns for it but keep in mind the damage requirement is still pretty low, so using defensive legendaries or settings is still more valuable in a progress mindset there.

Once you defeat the Paraxis Inquisitor, each of the four player must activate a different one of the four crystals in each corner of the room, then run back north east and leave the Paraxis. If you need to pick up one of the far crystals, place Transcendence before doing so as saving yourself some time is highly valuable here. You’ll likely be assigned one of the four colors. They will each cause you to suffer a specific effect for the rest of the fight:

  • the blue crystal gives you Feedback – Arcane Singularity, which causes you to cast an arcane torrent on your teammates nearby an yourself every 25 seconds
  • the green crystal gives you Feedback – Targeted, which causes you to be targeted by every boss ability for the rest of the fight. If you’re assigned to this, play defensively, specially if you get it early as it adds up to a lot of damage.
  • the red crystal gives you Feedback – Burning Embers, which knocks you up as well as any nearby player every 30 seconds – move out of the raid prior.
  • the yellow crystal gives you Feedback – Foul Steps. This gives you a stacking damage over time whenever you move. You’re unlikely to get this as it usually is given to healers.

The rest of the fight is really nothing more than a heroic version with bigger numbers.