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General Description:

This is a much less melee friendly fight than Garothi Worldbreaker. As you will see, this is a pattern within Antorus, the Burning Throne. This will mostly be a single target/cleave fight where you will barely have any mechanics to deal with, and instead will just be trying to survive.

In short: if a mechanic is red, get away from others. If it’s purple, get close to others.


Mechanics and Surviving:

Due to high amounts of damage ticks from many mechanics, I would favor Diffuse Magic above Dampen Harm easily on this fight.

Most of the mechanics on this boss are very straight forward and follow the rule posted above: spells coming from F’harg, the red dog, will ask you to spread out. These are the abilities Enflamed and Desolate Gaze.

On the other hand, Shatug has nasty abilities that require you to share the damage taken or die/be feared. These abilities are Siphoned and Weight of Darkness. If Weight of Darkness is not shared by at least 3 players, those hit will be feared. It is paramount this doesn’t happen to the tanks.

Whenever the hounds are close to one another, they increase each other’s damage significantly. Be aware of it, as most groups keep them close for a part of the fight or in some cases the whole fight. In such cases you want to be extra careful not to be taken by surprise by the damage.



On mythic difficulty, you will be assigned a debuff corresponding to one of the dogs throughout the fight:

Flametouched associates you to F’harg. Being hit by any shadow ability will cause you to leave a patch of fire; Burning Remnant. You will want to stay close to F’harg to avoid this but whenever Shatug reaches 100 energy you won’t be able to avoid it. Try to then move as a group.

Shadowtouched associates you to Shatug. Being hit by any fire ability will cause you to grip the closest player to your current location. As a Windwalker you’ll want to trigger this on other melees preferably. This will mostly happen when F’harg reaches 100 energy and you get hit by Enflamed.

Due to all of this movement, you’ll have a hard time using some abilities, like Crackling Jade Lightning, or even Storm, Earth, and Fire, to their best potential. Be more “flexible” as to how you cast them, and be wary of boss energy bars if you can.

It is worth noting that this fight doesn’t have linked health bars on both bosses, and they need to die roughly at the same time. You can always use clones on one dog and attack the other one if it’s more convenient for debuffs and helps balancing out the health bars a little.

Allways place Transcendence ahead. When you’ll need to move across the room, it’s good to have it somewhere in case it’s convenient. This boss doesn’t require Transcendence to be reset, which is a plus.