Garothi the Worldbreaker


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General Description:

This is a perfect first fight for Antorus, the Burning Throne. It is mostly a single target fight. It is pretty heavy movement which tends to favor melee classes like Windwalker.

Your role will consist in damaging the boss and, during intermissions, his weapons, soaking one boss mechanic and dodging the other one. Pretty straightforward!


Mechanics and Survivability:

Any defensive talent is justifiable on this fight, depending on playstyle. Keep in mind Eradication is physical damage, so diffuse magic won’t affect it.

Make sure you’re aware of your raid’s placement. The tank mechanic, Fel Bombardment, will create a path of deadly damage behind the inactive tank.

The two main abilities are Annihilation and Decimation.

Annihilation will leave several green circles on the floor. People inside the circle share the damage, if no one stands into one everyone in the raid will suffer heavy damage. There is always at least one Annihilation to soak within melee range of the boss, no excuse there!

Decimation will place a debuff on several players which will leave a massive AoE on top of them after a couple seconds. Move out of the raid with the debuff or prior to the ability being cast, then move out of it.

At 60% and 20% (respectively 65% and 35% on heroic and mythic), the boss will cast Apocalypse Drive. This ability will make him immune until you kill one of his two weapons. Killing those will change the boss abilities for the rest of the fight. Consult your raid to know which weapon is to be killed first.

After you kill a weapon, the boss will cast Eradication, dealing considerable damage reduced by your distance to him. It is advised to drop Transcendence in maximal melee range then move back (a couple Chi Torpedo do the trick).

On normal/heroic difficulties, destroying a weapon removes it’s ability from the fight and enhances the other weapon’s ability (either Annihilation or Decimation.)

Advanced tips: there is not much to say since this fight is mostly single target with a twist. Worth noting; the worst mistakes you can do are bound to boss timers/health. Be sure not to waste cooldowns when you’ll have to deal with mechanics. For instance, avoid using Touch of Death right before Apocalypse Drive, or Crackling Jade Lightning right before Decimation.



This fight has a couple noteworthy differences on mythic. They are very simple to deal with if you are aware of them. Instead of removing the mechanics from the fight, destroying weapons enhances them on mythic.

Enhanced Annihilation will bump you away from the zone and add a second zone which, again, needs to be soaked. Transcendence is huge there.

Enhanced Decimation will stun you as you get the debuff, preventing you to move out with the debuff: make sure you’re aware of the timers and move out ahead. Again Transcendence can help.

On top of that, Apocalypse Drive will start by sucking you into the boss before he casts Eradication. As a monk, this should never cause any issues.