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General Description

This is a purely single target fight which is all about coordination and survivability. The boss will alternate being on two platforms and whenever he flies away your group will have to go through a dangerous bridge full of explosives.

This fight is very cool as a Windwalker as the slight downtime between two platforms means we naturally reach the boss with a lot of cooldowns ready, facilitating the use of Storm, Earth, and Fire to some extent.



Diffuse Magic, Tiger’s Lust

The main mechanic you’ll want to be aware of is Sleep Canister. The rest of mechanics can really be summarized by “dodge everything you see, don’t step on anything bad.”

The boss will fly away at 66% and 33% health to switch platform. Once he lands he takes 99% reduced damage but not before that, so you can grind a couple seconds of uptime with a well timed Crackling Jade Lightning hitting him on the way.

Sleep Canister is a debuff put on a player which, when it expires, puts him to sleep for a long duration. Dispelling this effect will in turn put to sleep any player around him. It is very important, when you get this debuff, that you move away from others very quickly. Not only melees, but ranged players spread around the map. Be aware if there is a safe spot assigned by your raid leader for these.

During the second platform, people will periodically be targeted by Charged Blasts. These will knock and put a heavy damage over time to anyone on their paths. People targeted should move to the ends of the platform to make sure no one is on their path.

When crossing the bridge, be aware of the danger of the mines in your way. If you get hit by the large fire orbs, use Tiger’s Lust on yourself: it will remove the damage debuff. You can also use it on others to save them from it.

You can put Transcendence before the fight starts on the second platform to help you finishing the bridge crossing. Placing it before leaving a platform will also help coming back to it. Obviously, you cannot do this each time you cross but it still helps.



On mythic the boss will instead fly away 4 times, back and forth between the same 2 platforms. This will happen at 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%.

The combinations of active mechanics/bridge difficulties vary way more as a result. Tips remain the same, however it’s worth noting that sleep canister will happen in way more situations and be more difficult to deal with, and that most damage sources can easily be lethal.

Using Transcendence to cover distance is even better with this many platform switches.