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General Description

This is the fight that made windwalker famous this tier. Rarely has a fight so obviously been tailor-made to match our strengths on single target.

This is a mostly single target fight, however periodically the boss summons machines which take increased damage and need to be nuked. These have precise timings which do not fit every class’s damage patterns as well as they fit ours. For the rest of the fight, it’s mostly about survivability, and the mechanics are pretty visually obvious.


Mechanics and Surviving

There are few mechanics here, so let’s go quickly through them:

  • Forging Strike is a tank mechanic, however it means that standing near a tank puts you at risk of dying very quickly. Make sure you know where they are and remain far away.
  • Reverberating Strike on the other hand, goes on random players and triggers a damage effect around the small orange pods on the ground. Keep away from them.
  • Diabolic Bomb explode dealing a burst of damage and raid wide damage. For the most part you’ll be asked to kindly dodge them at all time.
  • Ruiner is a large laser beam dealing massive amounts of damage. The boss’s animation for it is more than obvious, be aware of it.
  • During transitions, adds will spawn in all three sides of the platform (or less if you’re doing normal.) You want to make sure you’re close to healers for this phase as you’ll be taking important ticking damage and it can be hard to sustain yourself for the whole phase if they are not near you.


Damage and Cooldown Management

It is worth speaking shortly about timings for this fight considering how crazily well they match Windwalkers.

The boss will start in phase 1 then after roughly 35 seconds (right at the end of the first Ruiner), he’ll go into Apocalypse Protocol, summoning three adds which will take 90% increased damage, reduced by 3% each second. These adds will spawn precisely every 2 minutes from then on.

It is very important that you keep Touch of Death for these adds, and it should be your first action taken as they spawn. Touch of Death and Gale Burst in particular interact very well with damage taken increases. You’ll be hitting for more than twice your usual amounts if done right.

You should also have most of your cooldowns ready for it. This might need a little bit of thinking.

Strike of the Windlord is a 32 seconds cooldown with the legendary helm, The Wind Blows, for instance. This means every fourth use is up every 2 minutes and 8 seconds, which is a shame. Considering some of the timings with the end of the phase and so on, you might want to consider delay it every once in a while to align it back with add spawns. This results in a lower priority Strike of the Windlord in phase 1 if you make that choice for instance.

If you use Crackling Jade Lightning, you’ll be using it once on the add, then once on boss, then again on the add, and repeat from then on. For the most case the same rotation can be said for Storm, Earth, and Fire.