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General Information

This is a pretty complicated damage pattern fight, as it can be either a single target fight or an AoE and crowd control centric fight, depending on assignments. Throughout the fight, you’ll be dealing with a main target, Hasabel, and portals spawning very high priority adds. A group of players will be asked to use three portals throughout the fight to deal with single target mini bosses.


Main Platform

Diffuse Magic, and Ring of Peace or Leg Sweep.

There are few mechanics on the main platform and they are very straightforward through visuals.

  • Collapsing World will spawn a huge void zone on the platform centered on the boss position. After several seconds, it deals raid wide damage and lethal damage to anyone inside of it. It is advised tanks move the boss smartly to keep specific portals safe for group 2, or to allow players to stick to the adds and kill them swiftly.
  • Felstorm Barrage will create significant bands on the ground which will suffer heavy AoE damage after a few seconds. On Heroic and Mythic, 3 spawn in short succession, while on normal it’s just a single one. Keep in mind the other of their spawns to move swiftly around, but keep in mind they explode really quickly after each other. You can keep Transcendence in a corner as a “get out of jail” card, but be sure to check it’s safe. Being hit knocks you back on top of very heavy damage.
  • Transport Portal will spawn a red portal on the ground close to the boss. Adds will spawn around it, all of which need to be kept interrupted/stunned as much as you can. Ring of Peace or Leg Sweep will help a lot with achieving that, as well as Paralysis, Spear Hand Strike and specific racial abilities like Arcane Torrent. Make smart use of them all. These adds spawn in a staggered fashion, meaning if you tag them along as they spawn or use Storm, Earth, and Fire, you’ll have around 10 stacks of Mark of the Crane towards the end of the portal and will deal massive Spinning Crane Kick damage.



You’ll be playing on the main platform for most of the fight. At 90%, 60% and 30% boss health, you’ll be entering the red, green then purple portals to fight respectively Vulcanar, Lady Dacidion then Lord Eilgar. These mini bosses need to be kept interrupted at all times.

  • Communicate with your teammates. Outside of obvious visual mechanics to dodge, there are a couple things to be aware of here.
    Lady Dacidion periodically traps an enemy in a Felsilk Wrap. You’ll want to stack up next to her for people to quickly be broken free from it by damaging it. You can stun/silence the Felsilk Wrap to proc sephuz.
  • Lord Eilgar hides in darkness. You need to stand on the flames brought from the ulcanar platform, acquire the debuff from those flames, then carry them over to the last platform this way to bring “light” to that last platform. Keep in mind you’ll still be able to target him if you’re in dead melee range of him. If you’re assigned to this task, put up Transcendence near the purple portal to make the travel really efficient.

Failing to kill these mini bosses quickly will result in too heavy raid damage and a quick wipe.



On mythic, it is even more important than ever that you single target interrupt Felblaze Imp casts, use any tools at your disposal to prevent them from ever casting. This is pretty much the only thing you’ll be tested on as a melee on this fight, as it’s extremely straightforward. Make sure you stay focus on movement, as abilities can be very deadly still.