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General Description

This is your general single target fight with slight movement. It is mostly a rinse and repeat of a very small set of mechanics, so once you manage to deal with them for 30 seconds you know the full fight. Luckily, it’s tied to a pretty short enrage mechanic so the fight doesn’t last too long.

As a melee with relevant defensives you’ll have a very easy time on this boss. I would advise using Transcendence to reset the boss rather than deal with mechanics on this boss.



Considering there are few mechanics let’s get them covered:

  • Misery is the main mechanic, which makes you immune to healing for 5 seconds whenever the boss hits you with an ability.
  • It is tied to Alone in the Darkness, a mechanic that hits you whenever you’re further than 8 yards from every teammate.

The next two mechanics happen roughly every 30 seconds.

  • First is Marked Prey, which sends the typical red arrow towards a player and knockbacks the first target hit. Since it makes you immune to healing, it is advised players don’t take the hit plus the Alone in the Darkness without a defensive. Luckily, using Transcendence or other Shadowsteps/Felblades/Glide, melee players can soak this without getting hit by that, making this mechanic not threatening at all.
  • The second one is Necrotic Embrace. Once this debuff expires, it spreads to any player within 10 yards of you. You are meant to run out of the group with a defensive up and let it expire, then come back once it’s clear.

Early on in the fight there is a gap between these two abilities, but the further you get the closer the casts of Marked Prey and Necrotic Embrace are.

Last, Dark Fissure spawns large void zones below players from which you should move. For that reason, the raid is expected to stack up on one side of the boss and go back and forth both sides after spawning these. Never stand in front of the boss (tank’s side) as he’ll cleave you with Shadow Strike veeeeery fast.



On Mythic there is one major difference: each time someone gets hit by a mechanic, a very dangerous add will spawn. It needs to die within 5 seconds roughly, as if it casts a voidzone will spawn under your raid, potentially spawning more adds and making movement noticeably more difficult for the rest of the fight.

Because of that, mechanics are dealt with in a very specific way on Mythic, and you’ll need to pay attention to the way your raid intends to do that.

This also means a pretty unique damage pattern: twice every 30 seconds, right after Marked Prey hits and around 10 seconds after Necrotic Embrace, a very high priority add will spawn. This means you are willing to delay some of your spells slightly to match those spawns: not only will you deal high damage to the add if you Fists of Fury, Strike of the Windlord, or Whirling Dragon Punch it, but you’ll also do so at minimal cost on the boss.

Therefore, keep an eye on those timers. I find it really smooth to delay a Whirling Dragon Punch slightly to get double the damage out of it and nuke down a priority target.

I wasn’t assigned to Marked Prey, and took that opportunity to have Transcendence outside of the room for resets. I encourage you to do so.