Energizing Elixir

Frequently in the Peak of Serenity Discord channel and on this website, Energizing Elixir becomes the topic of many questions. Understanding why Energizing Elixir is the best talent and how to use it might be relatively confusing at first, but hopefully I can answer these questions.


Energizing Elixir Versus Other Talents

To understand Energizing Elixir, we have to first compare the returns we receive relative to Power StrikesAscension is basically not a choice at this point due to the relatively few resources it provides.

It becomes immediately clear that Energizing Elixir returns 1 more chi per minute, giving it a solid advantage over Power Strikes if used on cool-down. If you count the returned energy as chi, there is potential for a lot of energy as well when the ability is used correctly. We can use Tiger Palm as the baseline energy value of chi since it is the only way we can convert energy to chi.

  • Tiger Palm costs 50 energy, and we receive 2 chi.
  • 125 energy therefor is equal to 5 chi.
  • If Energizing Elixir returns 125 energy, you are receiving around 5 chi for free.

If the player manages to use Energizing Elixir on cooldown at 5 energy with no chi, that is a maximum value of 10 chi including the base 5 given to us. Unfortunately this is basically impossible Energizing Elixir usage. Energizing Elixir can be tricky to use on cooldown at 0 chi, let alone extremely low energy. 5/130 energy is impossible, because spending chi to get to 0 chi takes time, and energy regenerates in this time. This means we have to look at a realistic and possible amount of energy. Given that energy will come back while we empty our chi, a more realistic maximum expectation with proper preparation is around 90 to 100 energy, or 4 chi. Another factor that will remove potential chi returns from the value of Energizing Elixir is the fact that even when energy is dumped as soon as possible after usage, a single GCD of energy is lost to capped energy:

Energizing Elixir > Rising Sun Kick > Tiger Palm

Depending on your haste value, that can be anywhere from 10 energy upwards. This means that it would be a realistic expectation to say that a decent amount of chi that we can expect from well planned Energizing Elixir energy is around 3-4 chi returned at best.

So, comparing both abilities, we get:

This obviously shows that the potential of Energizing Elixir is far superior to Power Strikes, but there is another factor in Energizing Elixir play that we can examine. Considering the fact that Energizing Elixir returns energy, we can delay it’s usage by a short time to ensure that it is used in a situation that grants more energy, or more chi per cooldown. As long as this is done in an efficient manner, it is a gain to delay it’s usage.


Energizing Elixir Practical Usage

Now that we know that Energizing Elixir is a superior talent when used correctly, let’s get down on how to actually perform it. To understand how to use Energizing Elixir correctly requires an understanding of how to get to 0 chi (and low energy if possible!):

If Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick are used repeatedly in succession, this will increment chi by 1 every time it is done.

Tiger Palm (2 chi) > Blackout Kick (1 chi) > Tiger Palm (3 chi) > Blackout Kick (2 chi) > Tiger Palm (4 chi) > Blackout Kick (3 chi) > Tiger Palm (5 chi)

This ensures that if you want to get to 0 chi, the only way is if you have a cooldown available. This is important, because using Energizing Elixir means that you have to spend all of your energy, then all of the chi you gained from that energy as fast as possible so as little energy regenerates in that time (to get the maximum benefit from the ability). Here’s an example:

100 energy, 0 chi.

Tiger Palm (2 chi) > Blackout Kick (1 chi) > Tiger Palm (3 chi) > Blackout Kick (2 chi)

At this point, we have spent 100 energy, but since it takes around 4 GCDs to do so, we receive around 40 energy back.

40 energy, 2 chi.

Slight wait for 10 energy > Tiger Palm (4 chi)

0 energy, 4 chi. Now that we have gotten rid of all our energy, we can focus on getting to 0 chi as well as soon as possible.

Blackout Kick (3 chi) > Rising Sun Kick (1 chi) > Blackout Kick (0 chi)

30 energy, 0 chi. Now we’re ready for Energizing Elixir.

Energizing Elixir (5 chi) > Strike of the Windlord (3 chi) > Tiger Palm (5 chi)

EDIT: If you don’t have access to Chi Wave or Flying Serpent Kick to remove chi from 5 here, you should:

Energizing Elixir (5 chi) > Strike of the Windlord (3 chi) > Blackout Kick (2 chi) > Tiger Palm (4 chi) > Blackout Kick (3 chi) > Tiger Palm (5 chi)

If you have access to those abilities listed, you can do:

Blackout Kick (4 chi) > Filler Ability > Blackout Kick (3 chi)

As you’ve probably guessed, cooldowns don’t always line up or behave in a way that will allow perfect usage every time, but the concept of expending energy and then expending chi is important to ensuring that you get the most out of Energizing Elixir. In AOE, this is exceptionally easy as Spinning Crane Kick immediately removes 3 chi – and in a pinch in single target, Fists of Fury can be used to remove 3 chi before or after (if after, it’s still better than Power Strikes used on cool-down, but a lot of potential chi is lost). Sometimes, very little energy can be gained, but it is important to try and get at least 4 chi to equal Power Strikes at worst.

Energizing Elixir might take a while to get the hang of it, but it’s definitely the best choice by far. A small note – never use Spinning Crane Kick to remove chi from Energizing Elixir. It hits slightly harder than Blackout Kick, and as thus is essentially wasting 2 chi. Unless you make up 1 chi from energy (25 energy gained), Energizing Elixir will lose to Power Strikes if you do this.

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