• Sugar Crusted Fish Feast
  • Astral Healing Potion
  • Auto-Hammer
  • Potion of Prolonged Power
  • Skaggldrynk Potion
  • Avalanche Potion
  • Failure Detection Pylon

What if I don’t have exactly whats on the checklist?

That’s fine, the checklist is a generic overview of what you’ll want to stock up on before running the dungeon.

  • Mastery Food (Nightborn Delicacy Platter)
  • Legion Feasts (+500 Main Stat Food)
  • Ancient Healing Potions
  • Healthstones
  • Lower level Invisibility potions even work fine.

Note: Lemon Herb Filet can not be used in dungeons

Fighter’s Chow is excellent for out of combat health regen during Grievous weeks and can really help your healer keep up with the group or drink to regenerate mana after a pull.

Windwalker Advantages in M+?

Windwalker monk is a unique DPS specialization in Mythic Plus with several key strengths.

  • AoE Damage is very high baseline without the need to talent into specific traits to increase it.
  • Very high Cleave & Priority target damage through the use of low cooldown abilities.
  • Primary DPS cooldown is on a charge system.
  • Talentable AoE Stun.
  • Group Movement Speed and Mastery buff.
  • Strong Self Healing through Healing Winds, Afterlife, and Good Karma.
  • A ton of mobility!
  • In addition to a primary dispel we have the ability to dispel any debuff tied to a slow through Tiger’s Lust.
  • An extra interrupt on viable targets with Paralysis.
  • The ability to reset bosses with Transcendence

Stat Priority

Mastery > Vers = Crit > Haste

Remember: Your own characters stat weights will be much more reliable than a generic gearing strategy

Mastery: Abilities deal more damage when they are not a repeat of the previous ability.

Critical Strike: Chance for attacks to deal twice their normal damage.

Versatility: Increases damage and healing while reducing damage taken

Avoidance: Reduces the damage taken from area-of-effect (AoE) attacks. The current cap is 20% – Save as much extra gear as you can with this stat on it for specific encounters.

Haste: Increases the rate of energy regen, attack speed, and cast speed.

Why is the Haste statistic worth so little in M+ AoE despite it providing resources?

There are several characteristics of dungeon pulls that influence the value of an already mediocre stat and can vary with the slightest changes to how you’re tank pulls, what dungeon you’re running, and what level keystone you’re trying to complete. The largest contributor to the diminished value of haste in M+ is the downtime between pulls. Resources not actively being spent will cap, energy is constantly regenerating as you move from pull to pull, Mark of the Crane stacks persist 15 seconds after application, and most importantly the cooldown of Energizing Elixir continues while resources are passively replenishing.

Gear sets

The most effective way to handle multiple sets of equipment with different trinkets , or legendaries, for bosses is with an Addon called Opie.

Set 1: Single Target Damage Wind BlowsEmperors Cap

Set 2: AoE Damage Wind Blows | Drinking Horn Cover

Additional gear sets may include: Hidden Masters Forbidden TouchPrydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus | Cinidaria, the Symbiote | Sephuz Secret | March of the Legion | Mac’Aree Seal of Nobility & Band of the Triumvirate

Engineer Specific: Cobalt Frag Bomb | Frag Belt

Recommended Trinkets: Hunger of the Pack or another high level stat stick | Golganneths Vitality | Shadowsinged Fang | Astral Alchemist Stone | Memento of Angerboda | Engine of Eradication | Aman’Thul’s Vision | Void Stalker’s Contract | Convergence of Fates

During Tyrannical weeks you’ll typically find that some bosses at higher keystones have very hard hitting physical and magical abilities. In addition to having high avoidance here are a few tank trinkets to help keep you alive.

Reliquary of the Damned | Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn | Darkmoon Deck Immortality | Smoldering Titanguard | Coagulated Nightwell residue | Felshield Emitter | Talisman of the Cragshaper | Diima’s Glacial Aegis | Shivermaw’s Jawbone


The Cookie Cutter Classic

Tier 1: Chi Burst | Chi Wave
While Chi Burst does excellent AoE damage and group healing without a resource cost, it is however notorious for ninja pulling adds with its wide hitbox and long range – as well as the fact that our clones fire them at random angles. Currently Eye of the Tiger is not worth taking. Chi wave is the default whenever you can not find good, reliable, and consistent casts using Chi Burst with it’s own benefit of acting as a short cooldown filler between abilities and aiding in the ability to extend hit combo duration between pulls.

Tier 2: Chi Torpedo | Tiger’s Lust
Tiger’s Lust is the default choice and an absolutely amazing utility that can also be used to dispel some dungeon debuffs that are tied with slows, such as Arcane Lockdown in Court of Stars. Meanwhile, Chi Torpedo shines in the movement speed and distance of the roll in some dungeons such as Halls of Valor for both Odyn himself and Fenrir.

Tier 3: Energizing Elixir
Energizing Elixir is the pick in all situations for the on demand resources and there is little benefit to running the other two in a dungeon setting.

Tier 4: Ring of Peace | Black Ox Statue | Leg Sweep
Leg Sweep is the default choice for most group compositions; however, Ring of Peace can have strong niche uses such as preventing damage to ranged party members from the leap that the wolves cast in Halls of Valour. Ring of Peace is also extremely valuable during Sanguine weeks, as the stun from Leg Sweep can be detrimental with stunning mobs inside pools and healing them, instead having Ring of Peace to knock them out of the pools can be invaluable. Black Ox Statue has some small value in the AoE taunt and threat generation but it is generally not chosen by Windwalkers.

Tier 5: Healing Elixir  | Diffuse Magic | Dampen Harm
The difference between Diffuse and Dampen is pretty straight forward, simply choose what you need. We’ll go over the specifics for each dungeon. It is worth noting that in a dungeon with no burst damage , such as court of stars, Healing Elixir can work very well.

Tier 6: Hit Combo
An excellent source of damage for both Single Target and AoE that currently outweighs the benefits of the other two talents in the tier.

Tier 7:
Whirling Dragon Punch

Storm, Earth, and Fire is generally the much stronger option combined with the Tier 21 set bonus in all scenarios, therefore WDP is the go to option.

Dungeon Strategy

Under construction

Black Rook Hold | Cathedral of Eternal Night | Court of Stars

Darkheart Thicket | Eye of Aszhara | Halls of Valor

Lower Karazhan | Upper Karazhan

Maw of Souls | Neltharion’s Lair

Seat of the Triumvirate | The Arcway | Vault of the Wardens

M+ Streamers

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