Brewmaster changes in 7.2.5 Summary

This is a running summary of the blue posts in Celestalons Thread on Brewmasters in 7.2.5 and...
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First Post?

No, really. This is like, totally new stuff.

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7.2.5 PTR Mistweaver Changes – Build 23993 (April 26)

A new build has hit the PTR, and with it, a couple of Mistweaver changes, as well as a blue post...
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Mistweavers 7.2.5 PTR – April 13

Disclaimer This is the very first build of a whole new development cycle, so be aware that more...
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Mistweaver PTR update

These changes have just gone live on the PTR. Essence Font now has a 12 second cooldown and a...
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PTR changes for Mistweaver (7.2.5)

The early data-mining sweep from the 7.2.5 PTR build has thrown up two MW changes: Essence Font  ...
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Mathweaving: External Cooldown Reductions and Why They Shouldn’t Be Stacked

With the launch of 7.2, Mistweavers get a trait that reduces the cooldown of Revival, Tendrils of...
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Windwalkers 7.2.5 PTR Build 23993 – April 26

We got another few small tweaks to the 7.2.5 PTR today, probably the head-scratchiest PTR change...
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Lament of the Windwalker: AOE vs ST

So, as Talby touched on in his article, Windwalkers have very strong AOE capability, if given the...
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Lament of the Windwalker: The Incident

Continuing my series on the hardships that Windwalker's have experienced... Anyone who was playing...
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Lament of the Windwalkers: Mastery

So to anyone who has played Windwalker for as long as I have, you know that it hasn't always been...
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Windwalkers 7.2.5 PTR – April 13

Before we start I highly recommend people give Talby's post a read as its very relevant to these...
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