Core gameplay, and when it’s detrimental (to non-healers)

Core gameplay has slowly been added more and more to different classes over time. This describes,...
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Brewing Mastery – 7.2.5 Changes & Thoughts

Hello everyone and welcome back to Brewing Mastery! It’s been a long time, but with 7.2.5 here I...
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Let’s talk about stagger

This week, I received a request for a stagger WeakAura string that took me by surprise. To be...
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Brewmaster changes in 7.2.5 Summary

List of 7.2.5 Brewmaster changes   New legendaries added: Stormstout's Last Grasp and Soul of...
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First Post?

No, really. This is like, totally new stuff.

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Mistweavers in 7.2.5 – All Changes That Are Going Live

With this week's major build (build 24271) marked as a release candidate, it's safe to assume that...
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7.2.5 Mistweaver PTR Changes – Build 24218 (May 31)

With the recent PvP season ending on June 13th, and Tomb of Sargeras slated for June 20th, the PTR...
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7.2.5 Mistweaver PTR Changes – Build 24163 (May 24)

Today brings a very small PTR update for Mistweavers, just adding proc chances and secondary stats...
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7.2.5 Mistweaver PTR Changes – Build 24116 (May 16)

New PTR, detailing the new legendary ring, as well as changes to our Tier 20 bonuses. Build 24116...
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7.2.5 Mistweaver PTR Changes – Build 24076 (May 09)

New PTR build, new notes! Let's dive in. Build 24076 Changes Tier 19 2 Piece Bonus Changed from...
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Serenity and You: Tomb of Sargeras

Introduction The raid that everyone's been waiting so patiently for, the Tomb of Sargeras, is...
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Understanding Windwalker Priorities

Windwalkers, and many specs operate on a priority system, rather than a strict rotation. However,...
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Walking the Wind in Tomb: Week 1

Since we're entering a new raid with all new trinkets and tier, here's what you need to know for...
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Going into 7.2.5 as a windwalker (competitive)

Now that the dust settles on 7.2.5 windwalker, it's time to answer a lot of questions. In the past...
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Windwalker June 13 Hotfixes

Windwalker saw a smidge of a buff today. [SOURCE] Monk Windwalker Blackout Kick damage increased...
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