Brewmaster changes in 7.2.5 Summary

This is a running summary of the blue posts in Celestalons Thread on Brewmasters in 7.2.5 and...
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First Post?

No, really. This is like, totally new stuff.

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7.2.5 Mistweaver PTR Changes – Build 24163 (May 24)

Today brings a very small PTR update for Mistweavers, just adding proc chances and secondary stats...
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7.2.5 Mistweaver PTR Changes – Build 24116 (May 16)

New PTR, detailing the new legendary ring, as well as changes to our Tier 20 bonuses. Build 24116...
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7.2.5 Mistweaver PTR Changes – Build 24076 (May 09)

New PTR build, new notes! Let's dive in. Build 24076 Changes Tier 19 2 Piece Bonus Changed from...
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The wonderful world (of Warcraft) logs

Many of you will be familiar with logs – especially if you are a mythic raider. For those who...
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7.2.5 PTR Mistweaver Changes – Build 24026 (May 2)

Ah, a new week, a new PTR build, and this one was prefaced by a blue post here. To summarize that...
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Windwalkers 7.2.5 PTR Build 24163 – May 24

Another PTR build with only a few changes that effect Windwalkers, [SOURCE]. Do know that a lack...
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Windwalkers 7.2.5 PTR Build 24116 – May 16

Blizzard has graced us with the new Windwalker legendary ring's bonus:  Gain one of the following...
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Windwalker Tier Bonuses

Thank you to all the people who have responded to my survey from the last post, its been very...
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Summertime Babs

So summer is approaching, my wife is graduating and I have only a few more weeks of work before...
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Windwalkers 7.2.5 PTR Build 24076 – May 9

Blizzard tossed us some changes to our tier bonuses tonight: Item - Monk T20 Windwalker 2P Bonus  ...
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