Windwalker PvE References


This page serves as a place to document various Windwalker ability minutiae and can be used as a quick reference.

Mastery Abilities

This is a list of abilities that contribute to and benefit from Windwalker’s mastery, Combo Strikes. Any ability on this use will get bonus damage from mastery as long as a different ability on this list was used before it. Any ability on this list will also grant a stack of Hit Combo if it is talented. For example, using (some other ability on the list) -> Tiger Palm -> Blackout Kick -> Tiger Palm will cause both Tiger Palms and the Blackout Kick to all get bonus damage and grant stacks of Hit Combo. Using Tiger Palm -> Leg Sweep (not on this list) -> Tiger Palm will cause the second Tiger Palm to not receive any bonus damage and will drop all current stacks of Hit Combo: it’s the same thing as just doing Tiger Palm -> Tiger Palm. Generally, this list is just all Windwalker damage dealing abilities, though there’s a few possibly unexpected ones here (and note the lack of non-directly damaging abilities like Storm, Earth, and Fire). Presented in alphabetical order:


Diffuse Magic and Tiger’s Lust

These are lists of enemy abilities in dungeons that can be reflected and/or dispelled by Diffuse Magic, and also ones that can be dispelled or partially mitigated by Tiger’s Lust. This list is maintained by members of the other Monk specs. Here is the Google Doc with the lists. Also, we have a WeakAura for the Diffuse Magic portion that can be found here (also linked on the main guide).