Yes… I reused the previous header, its just still applicable. To stem the tide of questions, here’s what you need to know about Windwalker in 9.0.5. I’ll update this page as things get changed, if they do.




What They Mean

Damage Loss

There will be damage loss. I talked about it in my last article, and its likely not to be as bad as I mathed it to be, but there will still be damage loss.

Mark of the Crane

You won’t be able to maintain your stacks of Mark of the Crane between packs, you’ll have to rebuild them at the start of pulls.


We’re not changing Covenants. Kyrian will still be the recommended go-to Covenant. There are tons of memes and ideas out there about other ideas, but they’ll take weeks to sort through and test, so Kyrian is still the best.


We’re not changing Legendary. Invoker’s Delight will still be the best for nearly all situations. Xuen’s Battlegear moves up to 2nd place for all content.


With the fact that you will have more Mark of the Crane stacks than you have targets becoming a lot more rare, this shifts when you switch to the AOE priority. With this change it looks like this:

  • Drop Blackout Kick from your priority at at least 2 targets and at least 2 stacks.
  • Drop Rising Sun Kick from your priority at at least 3 targets and at least 1 stack.
  • If you’re not using Calculated Strikes then add 1 target to the above recommendations.

Fists of Fury Clipping

There’s almost no change to how we handle Weapons of Order and Fists of Fury. From now on, whenever you are inside Weapons of Order (regardless of Storm, Earth, and Fire) you’ll change what you do based on how much haste that you have.


Current Bugs

As you can expect there are some bugs still around:

  • FIXED – Storm, Earth, and Fire does nothing unless you fixate them. This is fine for single targets or when you can tag targets yourself, but cuts down on a BIG benefit for them.
  • FIXED – Mark of the Crane does not increase the damage of Spinning Crane Kick at all. It literally has no point in its existence right now. However, Calculated Strikes still does, which strangely enough keeps the above recommendations correct, it just lessens the strength.
  • FIXED – You CAN actually maintain 6 stacks nearly indefinitely by stacking to 6 then getting summoned into the dungeon, raid, whatever. The load screen “saves” them and allows you to maintain 6 stacks nearly automatically even in single target. Its a bit more complicated than that, but if you’re degenerate enough to try and use this then you’re degenerate enough to figure out its limitations.

These current bugs are quite large, but also noticeable and likely to be fixed. Woe be to us NA Beta Testers.

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