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Jan 23 Trinket Changes

Part 1

Part 2

00:00 – Introduction

Trinket Changes

02:20 – What changed

13:15 – What was effected

“Best in Slot”

17:50 – The problem with “BiS”

20:45 – How I’ve handled it in the past

21:35 – Common practices

24:45 – Recent idea

27:55 – My opinion on “What is BiS?”

33:10 – How to get the information you want

37:55 – TLDR

40:50 – Conclusion

Understand that some trinkets are just hot garbage, no amount of ilvl is going to help. When I’m talking about trinkets, I’m talking about the ones that you would be searching for, not the pure trash ones that clearly have no chance at becoming BiS.