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Welcome to PeakofSerenity's Windwalker Monk PvE Guide. This guide is designed to be a basic, quick guide for Windwalkers with just the information you need. For more in-depth, advanced, information follow the links to those pages in the "Further Reading" sections or in the "Advanced" section in the menu above. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

This guide has been updated for Patch 7.3.5 and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.


For all situations:


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DPS Priority

Windwalkers operate on a priority system, NOT A ROTATION. This means that you use whatever ability is available that’s highest up in the priority. For more information on how priorities are generated, read Babylonius’s Understanding Priorities article.

Single Target

  1. Touch of Death
  2. Tiger Palm ( if <4 Chi and about to cap energy)
  3. Rising Sun Kick
  4. Fists of Fury
  5. Whirling Dragon Punch
  6. Strike of the Windlord
  7. Blackout Kick (to dump excess Chi)
  8. Chi Wave
  9. Tiger Palm

Blackout Kick! should be used before using Tiger Palm again but after any ability with a cooldown. This doesn’t change with the t21 tier bonuses.


Multiple Target

  1. Touch of Death
  2. Fists of Fury
  3. Whirling Dragon Punch
  4. Strike of the Windlord
  5. Rising Sun Kick (ONLY if talented into WDP and ONLY to enable using WDP)
  6. Spinning Crane Kick
  7. Blackout Kick (to build Spinning Crane Kick stacks)
  8. Chi Wave
  9. Tiger Palm

Flying Serpent Kick can be used in place of Blackout Kick for AOE, if you don’t need to build stacks, in order to allow back-to-back Tiger Palm to generate maximum Chi.


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  1. Chi Wave (Prepull)
  2. Tiger Palm
  3. Touch of Death
  4. Storm, Earth, and Fire + Rising Sun Kick (same GCD)
  5. Energizing Elixir + Strike of the Windlord (same GCD)
  6. Fists of Fury
  7. Blackout Kick! (w/t21 4pc)
  8. Whirling Dragon Punch


Offensive Cooldowns

  • Touch of Death  should be used as close to on cooldown as possible. While it can be delayed to line up with other buffs, procs, and damage increases, in order to maximize the benefit of Gale Burst, this should not be done at the cost of a cast later in the fight.
  • Storm, Earth, and Fire should be used in a manner that benefits you the most throughout the fight. This may mean, but isn’t restricted to: using it when many other damage procs and buffs occur, to stack the multiplicative nature of the buff, using it to tag as many targets during AOE, using it to prevent capping both stacks. You always want at least one stack charging, unless you have a strong, and upcoming, reason to save both charges, such as prolonged time of boss damage increase or time away from any damageable targets.


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Agility > Mastery > Critical Strike > Versatility >> Haste

Stat priority can change for your character depending on your current gear and stats. To find the best stat weights for your character, use SimCraft or Raidbots.

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Tier Bonuses

  • Tier 21 2pc: When you consume Blackout Kick!, you have a 100% chance to generate 1 Chi.
  • Tier 21 4pc: When you gain the Blackout Kick! effect, the damage of your next Blackout Kick is increased by 175%.

The 2pc bonus is small, but very useful if used well, especially in AOE situations. the 4pc bonus is very strong, one of the strongest of any class, and becomes even stronger with The Wind Blows.

The concept of “how many ilevels is this bonus worth” is not a good way to compare gear. However, T21 2pc is worth around 10 ilvl, 4pc is worth around 125 ilvl with The Wind Blows, less without. It is very likely that most people will not find a combination of gear that begets better results than maintaining the 4pc bonus.



Follow the stat priority for your character





The best trinkets available in Antorus, the Burning Throne are Golganneth’s Vitality and Shadow-Singed Fang.

To choose between what trinkets you have available, use SimCraft or Raidbots. If you’d like general “rankings” for trinkets based on simulations, use HeroDamage or BloodyTools. Just know that these tools use the simulation profile, which may not reflect your gear and talent choices.



The concept of “Best-in-slot” lists is mostly obsolete with the advent of War/Titanforging and sockets. Gear should be assessed on a case-by-case basis rather than as a whole, using tools like SimCraft or Raidbots. For a list of gear that would be as close to “BiS” with some caveats, see the Windwalker Gear Guide.



These rankings are based on current tier and gearsets. They do not reflect all situations or all gearsets. For best information, use tools  like SimCraft or Raidbots.

Single Target

  1. The Wind Blows
  2. The Emperor’s Capacitor
  3. Drinking Horn Cover
  4. Other legendaries based on gear it is replacing


  1. Drinking Horn Cover
  2. The Wind Blows
  3. The Emperor’s Capacitor
  4. Other legendaries based on gear it is replacing


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At this point in the expansion, it is so easy to get all the traits that it isn’t worth explaining. Spend a few quests and get all the traits up to Concordance.

There can be some trade-off between trait power and weapon ilvl gain. Here’s what weapon ilvl gain the each trait is worth. To compare relics, just add these numbers to the +ilvl that the relics provide to the weapons. To determine the best path for your Netherlight Crucible, just pick that path that gets you the highest number.

You can also use Babylonius’s Spreadsheet or Raidbots’ Relic Compare tool to get answers more catered to your character, situation, and fight parameters. These numbers assume the same legendaries, talents, and tier bonuses in SimCraft’s current Mythic profile.

Artifact Traits

  1. Rising Winds (+8 ilvl)
  2. Fists of the Wind (+7 ilvl)
  3. Strength of Xuen (with t21 4p) (+7 ilvl)
  4. Split Personality (+7 ilvl)
  5. Tiger Claws (+4 ilvl)
  6. Inner Peace (+3 ilvl)
  7. Strength of Xuen (without t21 4p) (+2 ilvl)
  8. Everything else (+0 ilvl)

Power of a Thousand Cranes does gain more and more power as the number of targets increase, as does Fists of the Wind.

Despite where Split Personality is on the list, it depends entirely on whether it gives you an extra cast of Storm, Earth, and Fire or Serenity based on the fight, mechanics, length, and your raid composition.. If it does, then its the best relic out there. If not, its effectively worthless. Because relics cannot be switched in and out like trinkets, I’ve included a rough average of its worth.


Netherlight Crucible Traits

  1. Murderous Intent (+12 ilvl)
  2. Master of Shadows and Shocklight (+11 ilvl)
  3. Torment the WeakSecure in the LightInfusion of Light, and Shadowbind  (+10 ilvl)
  4. Chaotic Darkness and Light Speed (+9 ilvl)
  5. Dark Sorrows (+5 ilvl)
  6. Everything else (+0 ilvl)

Light Speed can vary based on your current haste, as haste can be fickle on SimCraft, specially in AOE.

Dark Sorrows and stat increasing traits gets stronger, relative to others, with each target. Torment the Weak gets noticeably weaker relative to others with additional targets due to not being able to maintain the full stacks.

All T2 traits are about even with only a 1.5% difference between the top end and low end of the DPS traits. But if you are aiming for BiS, try to get Murderous Intent.



Section in-progress. Refer to current WeakAura Page till then.



Section in-progress. Refer to current Macro Page till then.






Currently all races sim within 1.5% of each other. The added utility of Blood Elf’s Arcane Torrent can be useful at times. Other than that, pick whatever race you prefer.



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