Windwalker PvE Guide


This guide is designed to be a basic, quick guide for Windwalker with just the information you need. For more in-depth, advanced, information follow the links to those pages in the “Further Reading” sections or in the “Advanced” section in the menu above. Navigate quickly to the section you need using the sidebar on the right.

This guide has been updated for Dragonflight and is regularly updated when discussion, theorycrafting, or testing yields new information.

Talent Builds

There is a lot of flexibility with talents, so if you prefer a different setup or like to change a talent here or there then you can likely do that without dramatically lowering your damage. Its a game, play what you’d like.

There is a lot of flexibility in what you can pick in the Monk Class Tree.

  • Green = Always Pick
  • Orange = Your Choice
  • Red = Never Pick


This build is your general-purpose build for pure single target fights, which is a few raid fights.


Personal Preference Changes:

There is a TON of flexibility for other personal preferences, sim your thoughts through Top Gear‘s talent trees on Raidbots and decide if your preferred choices are worth any damage loss.

This is a good, all-purpose build for most raid encounters that have adds or for most Mythic+ where the packs are smaller.


Personal Preference Changes:

There is a TON of flexibility for other personal preferences, sim your thoughts through Top Gear‘s talent trees on Raidbots and decide if your preferred choices are worth any damage loss.


This is your default, maximum AOE, build for raid fights with tons of adds or Mythic+ with bigger pulls.


Personal Preference Changes:

  • Change Skytouch for Skyreach
  • Using Serenity is not currently recommended due to difficulty, but you can play with it if you’d like.

There is a TON of flexibility for other personal preferences, sim your thoughts through Top Gear‘s talent trees on Raidbots and decide if your preferred choices are worth any damage loss.





Windwalkers generally prioritize our abilities by how much damage they do and the resources (Chi, energy, execution time) that they cost. There are a couple of general goals while playing Windwalker that should help with the bigger picture before diving into the priority lists below:

  • Use damaging abilities with cooldowns as soon as you can once they are off cooldown, following the priority below for the order in which to do so. This is generally about shorter cooldown core damage abilities like Rising Sun Kick. For longer damage boosting cooldowns like Storm, Earth, and Fire, see Ability Usage Notes below, though as a general rule of thumb for all of WoW, you want to stack your major cooldowns together.
  • Do not overcap things. This includes Chi, Energy, and buffs such as Teachings of the Monastery stacks, if talented. You want to spend these resources before they would overcap. For Chi, this means “don’t use Chi generators if they would put you over your maximum Chi.” For Energy, this means “spend energy before it fills up.” For Teachings of the Monastery and other buffs (Blackout Kick!, Dance of Chi-Ji), see Ability Usage Notes below, but it generally means “spend these buffs before doing something that may generate them again.”
  • Do not break mastery. Simple as that, do not repeat the same ability twice in a row. For a full list of what counts for mastery, see here. There are currently no situations where it is worth it to break mastery as there have been in the past.

Following these rules is the largest part of playing Windwalker. You may notice that “always be casting” is not one of our core tenets, as you are only pressing something if it aligns with these rules (something comes off cooldown, you are close to capping energy, etc). This means that as a natural consequence of following these, you may not always fill every GCD. WINDWALKER IS A SPEC WITH NATURAL DOWNTIME. This is not an indication that you are playing incorrectly or that you need more Haste (which will not really affect this). To execute these rules in the most efficient way, follow the priorities below with the goal of never using something lower in the list if it will delay something higher in the list.



As said above, the safest bet is to use things as close to their cooldown as possible. However, if you can use most cooldowns at the same time without losing a cast of them, you’ll get the most out of them. You can read more about it in this article by Talby.

  • Bonedust Brew – Use on AOE packs, preferably with other DPS cooldowns. DO NOT JUST SPAM Spinning Crane Kick DURING! Due to the relatively low power of Bonedust Brew and Spinning Crane Kick compared to the past, it is not worth losing the damage bonus from Mastery. It’s even less worth it since we take Hit Combo in nearly every talent build.
  • Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger – Use on cooldown, pair it with other DPS cooldowns like  Storm, Earth, and Fire if delaying it will not lose you a cast throughout the fight. If you don’t know if it will or not, then use on cooldown as the safest strategy.
  • Serenity – More information will come in the future, but until then:
  • Storm, Earth, and Fire – Used close to on cooldown while lining up with other abilities and damage bonuses. Also useful to easily tag targets for increased  Spinning Crane Kick damage. Don’t sit on 2 charges, always have it recharging.
  • Summon White Tiger Statue – Mostly a “use on cooldown” button, easiest way is to macro it with an @cursor and use it as you’re running to the targets.
  • Touch of Death – Use when it can be triggered. If you are looking to really min/max, you can make sure to only use it when it will kill the target, as this can do a maximum of 100% of your HP as damage instead of the 35% it normally does to boss targets. If using a full build centered around this with Forbidden Technique and Fatal Flying Guillotine, ideally you pull a large pack of mobs and get a single target to low HP to be able to use it on them, which cleaves to the rest of the pack. Then, you target the lowest HP remaining mob and repeat within 5 seconds (using another spell between them to keep up mastery).
  • Touch of Karma – Although technically a defensive ability, it can provide offensive power. Best used as frequently as you can get as much damage absorbed as possible.


Priority Lists

The lists below assume you are doing what you need to do to avoid capping resources and using above cooldowns appropriately.

This priority is only for DURING the Serenity buff, follow the other ST priority for outside of the Serenity buff.


  1. Fists of Fury full channel if Serenity < 1.5 seconds
  2. Faeline Stomp Proc to apply Faeline Harmony if Serenity > 2 seconds
  3. Strike of the Windlord
  4. Fists of Fury
  5. Rising Sun Kick (cancel Fists of Fury)
  6. Blackout Kick (cancel Fists of Fury)
  7. Spinning Crane Kick with Dance of Chi-Ji Proc (if talented)
  8. Chi Wave
  9. Tiger Palm

This priority is only for DURING the Serenity buff, follow the other AOE priority for outside of the Serenity buff.


  1. Fists of Fury full channel if Serenity < 1 seconds
  2. Fists of Fury to (trigger tier set)
  3. Spinning Crane Kick (not breaking Mastery)
  4. Blackout Kick



Use these ability orders to start pulls, these may change frequently over time. If you are starting a pull with more Chi, such as in M+, then simply skip the steps that get you to the necessary Chi level.


Ability Usage Notes

  • Blackout Kick – Generally used between other abilities to “dump” excess resources. See Teachings of the Monastery below for notes on that, if talented.
  • Blackout Kick! (Free Proc) – Used before you would potentially generate another proc.
  • Dance of Chi-Ji – It is best to use the proc on  Spinning Crane Kick quickly to prevent overwriting a proc.
  • Expel Harm – Damage based on the healing it does, healing amount is based on your health, but because it generates Chi for very little Energy, just use it on cooldown when you have room for the Chi it generates.
  • Faeline Stomp – Used to keep up the Faeline Harmony debuff (Fae Exposure) as much as possible. This debuff does not stack, so even if you get a reset, there’s no need to stomp again until you want to refresh the debuff. For a pretty high chance of a reset, you can use Chi Burst into as many targets as possible (e.g., your raid or a big pack of mobs) while standing in the Faeline. Faeline Harmony affects pretty much all sources of damage, including trinkets, so you want to use it before those in your opener.
  • Hit Combo and Mastery – Generally, any ability that directly deals damage both benefits from and continues Mastery and  Hit Combo, as well as a few that don’t directly deal damage. For a full list, see here. Currently, there are no cases where we want to break Mastery that would outweigh its damage bonus.
  • Rushing Jade Wind – If you are talented into it, then you do not have to keep it up 100% of the time, use it at its place in the priority and let it do damage for you while you do other abilities. Think of it as a strong filler, not a maintained buff.
  • Spinning Crane Kick – Casting another spell does not interrupt the channel of Spinning Crane Kickwith the exception of anything that is a cast/channel (Fists of FuryChi BurstCrackling Jade LightningVivify, or another Spinning Crane Kick, which you cannot cast anyway while already channeling Spinning Crane Kick unless you use a specific macro to do so). You can cast your next spell as soon as the GCD is up and not interrupt Spinning Crane Kick as long as it is not one of the abilities mentioned, except Expel Harm which cannot be cast during the channel at all. For when to use this spell in general, follow the AoE priority above.
  • Teachings of the Monastery – Use Blackout Kick as usual UNLESS you are at 3 stacks, then it moves up the priority. DO NOT OVERCAP STACKS.
  • Transfer the Power – Use Fists of Fury as usual, pretend this doesn’t exist, don’t aim to get to any stack count before a cast or anything like that.




Agility > Versatility = Critical Strike > Mastery > Haste

Stat priority can change for your character depending on your current gear and stats. Stat weights are largely an outdated thought. Sim the gear you have through Top Gear. If you’re looking for what gear to aim for, use Droptimizer.



  1.  Flaring Cowl if you have  Seal of Diurna’s Chosen or do M+
  2. Elemental Lariat
  3.  Alchemical Flavor Pocket (does not count toward embellishment count)
  4. 1H Weapon with Fang Adornments (Can be in the offhand if your spark weapon is a lower item level)


1H vs 2H

TL;DR: Generally, dual wielding wins for now with full enchants and consumables. It is likely that later in the expansion, 2 handed weapons will pull ahead. For specific situations or item level gaps, sim your character’s options with Raidbot’s Top Gear Tool.

Early sims and quick math show that the difference between 2 handed weapons and dual wielding should play out roughly the same way it did in Shadowlands. In short, dual wielding started ahead by roughly 3% (with full enchants and consumables) early in the expansion and was eventually overtaken by 2 handed weapons as item levels hit a certain point. For Shadowlands, this was early season 3 (patch 9.2) around item level 265. For Dragonflight, we are predicting that the point where 2 handed weapons will start to pull ahead will be roughly around item level 450. This mostly happens because of very powerful enchants coming in Dragonflight. For some math behind this topic from the Peak of Serenity discord, click here. As always, the best way to tell what is best for your character is to use Raidbot’s Top Gear Tool for the most specific and accurate results.



Use Raidbot’s Top Gear Tool for the most specific and accurate results for your character. In general, it will usually follow the stat priority above.





The easiest thing is to look at the lists on BloodMallet. They’re lists based on the sim profiles.



Sim the gear you have through Top Gear. If you’re looking for what gear to aim for, use Droptimizer.


Onyx Annulet

For Windwalkers, the ring is generally very strong in all situations. You’ll pretty much want to pair Onyx Annulet with Seal of Diurna’s Chosen (using Flaring Cowl to proc that).

As a general recommendation:

Use Freezing Ice Stone, Prophetic Twilight Stone, and Desirous Blood Stone.

This is the best simming combination for single target. For dungeons, you may want to replace Freezing Ice Stone with either Pestilent Plague Stone or Storm Infused Stone.

Some notes:

  • It’s looking like an, at most, ~1% overall dps difference between the “best” dungeon setup and just running the single target stones in dungeons, so up to you if that matters. (And a wider gap if you run dungeon stones in single target, so if you just want one build, do the single target one).
  • Pestilent Plague Stone is slightly below Storm Infused Stone in some sims and ahead in others, but it procs Resonant Fists in a way that sims may not be fully reflecting, so it’s probably the real winner.
  • Echoing Thunder Stone is oversimming by a lot, so don’t trust that one in sims for now.
  • If you do want separate setups, you can get a 2nd ring at the vendor for portability.
  • The effects of the stones scale based on your ring’s overall item level, not the item level of the individual stone itself, so upgrading Prophetic Twilight Stone, for example, does actually increase the overall damage of the ring.
  • The families at the vendor for each are: Frost (Freezing Ice Stone), Shadow (Prophetic Twilight Stone), Necromantic (Desirous Blood Stone), Nature (Pestilent Plague Stone), and Nature (Storm Infused Stone).







Currently, all races sim within a small range of each other and reshuffle constantly. Other than that, pick whatever race you prefer.



Professions have no bearing on your ability to perform your role. Pick whatever will make your playing time easier and more enjoyable. As a starting point, many players take Engineering and/or Alchemy for some small perks.


WeakAuras are ways to show things on your screen in a customized and personalized way. The best WeakAuras are the ones that you set up for yourself specific to your style and needs. However, many people have already made ones for themselves to share, so check them out and use them as bases to customize your own.


No WeakAuras are “required” but some are very useful:

Here are some additional Plater things


Don’t Clip FoF

#showtooltip Tiger Palm
/stopmacro [channeling:Fists of Fury]
/cast Tiger Palm

Change Tiger Palm to whatever ability you want. This macro prevents you from cancelling the channel of Fists of Fury early and missing a tick of damage. It is recommended to use this on your main rotational abilities. If you are using Last Emperor’s Capacitor, you may want to add this line in the middle for the same effect for Crackling Jade Lightning:

/stopmacro [channeling:Crackling Jade Lightning]


Using Invoke Xuen in a Castsequence Macro

Normally, Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger cannot be used in a castsequence macro due to the comma in the name. However, there is a workaround that will allow you to, as an example from Shadowlands, combine Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger and Weapons of Order into a single macro. Note that you still have to press this twice, since they are both on the GCD:


/cast [nopet] Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

/cast [pet] Weapons of Order


Shared Buttons

If you’d like for two talents to be on the same keybinding and change whether or not you know one of them, then use this;


/cast [known: Storm, Earth, and Fire: Fixate] Storm, Earth, and Fire: Fixate

/cast [known: Serenity] Serenity; Storm, Earth, and Fire

Simple change out the ability so it looks like this: /cast [known: Talent A] Talent A; Talent B


  • Mar 24, 2023 – Onyx Annulet Updates
  • Nov 26, 2022 – Guide created for Dragonflight