Well, with less than 24 hours after the previous article was posted, Blizzard nerfed the SR trait by roughly 35%-40%. While this may go down as one of the fastest reactions in Blizzard’s history, I can’t say it wasn’t warranted based on the numbers Windwalkers were able to put out with it.

What this means is that anything that required 2 stacks, now requires 3, and anything that requires 3, now isn’t possible.

More details will have to come later, but Swift Roundhouse is almost certainly still one of our strongest traits. The playstyle is still there, you just need 3 traits and its not quite as strong, although still very strong.

My time is short since I have plans tonight, so we will work on getting the rest of it figured out over the next few days. Raidbots and SimCraft will be updated in a few hours and we can start figuring out the nuts and bolts again.