The final raid of Legion, Antorus, the Burning Throne, opens next week, and with it, the final tier set for the foreseeable future, along with two new legendaries that are tied to the final boss, scaling trinkets, and a host of other fun stuff.

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Tier 21 Bonuses

Healing Playstyle Changes

With the 4 piece bonus, Renewing Mist has the potential to be a fairly competent burst healing tool, doubly so if you use Thunder Focus Tea with it. However, that is still a very niche circumstance that likely won’t see a lot of play because of the drain to mana.

Effuse (and Sheilun’s Gift, thanks to Effusive Mists) will be the main spell(s) to build Tranquil Mist HoTs in preparation for burst. However, this does present an issue with mana, since GCDs would have to be taken away from Spirit of the Crane regeneration for this build up. There are benefits to either, so it ultimately lies to the player to make their choice. Whether that means to talent away from Refreshing Jade Wind and to Invoke Chi’Ji, the Red Crane, or to not do massive ramp up and instead opt for more mana through Spirit of the Crane.

The Mistweaver Boss Guides will go into detail further.

There are no changes to stat priority. Critical Strike and Versatility still reign supreme, but Haste picks up a bit thanks to another HoT being added to our overall healing breakdown. Due to more non-Mastery healing being added to said breakdown, Mastery gets relatively weaker.

Tier 21 Priority

Each Tier Bonus is worth approximately 50 iLvLs a piece, making this the strongest Mistweaver tier in Legion. Just the 2 piece will replace Tier 20’s 4 piece, and we will not be running 2 piece Tier 20/ 4 piece Tier 21. You’ll see why in the “Legendaries” tab.

Below is the ranking of each piece of tier gear, compared to the non-tier available in Antorus:

  1. Douli of Chi-Ji
  2. Cloak of Chi-Ji
  3. Meditation Spheres of Chi-Ji
  4. Grips of Chi-Ji
  5. Leggings of Chi-Ji
  6. Tunic of Chi-Ji

Antorus, the Burning Throne Recommended Gearing

With Best in Slot lists being a thing of the past thanks to the randomness of Warforging and tertiary stats, the following list is just looking at the best possible gear available from just Antorus. Trinkets are discussed in their own tab.

Trinket Rankings (Susceptible to Changes via Hotfixes During Initial Weeks)

  1. Eonar’s Compassion
  2. Highfather’s Machinations
  3. Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter *
  4. Vitality Resonator
  5. Tarratus Keystone *
  6. Garothi Feedback Conduit
  7. Carafe of Searing Light
  8. Vitality Resonator

* – Must be used on cooldown (or as close to possible) for this rank.


Eonar’s Compassion is a bit more complicated than other proc trinkets. It drops from the final boss, Argus the Unmaker, only ever at 940 iLvL. However, each week, when you defeat Argus, you get an upgrade item (Pantheon’s Blessing) that you can use on a Pantheon Trinket to upgrade it by 5 iLvLs, up to 1000 iLvL. It’s baseline proc spawns a small, green crystalline flower (Emerald Blossom) that heals your allies around it. If 4 unique Pantheon procs are active at the same time in the group, the four players trigger another effect. Having this trinket equipped with the Pantheon proc causes your next 4 Vivifys to also shield a target.

While a majority of its value is in the fire-and-forget procs, the Pantheon proc causes a bit of a ripple for Mistweavers. Due to Vivify‘s relatively high mana cost, don’t feel as though it’s necessary to use all charges of the Pantheon proc immediately. Just use Vivify normally, otherwise you’re needlessly burning mana.

Highfather’s Machinations, while having Mastery on it, is one of the best trinkets thanks to its effect. However, since it only trigger when a player drops below 50% health, it’s susceptible to large bursts of healing from other classes preventing it from going off. If the procs reliably trigger, however, this trinket is very strong.

Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter is simple. Place a shield on any ally that explodes, dealing damage to enemies when it expires. The absorb shield is fairly beefy, and the damage is a decent perk.

Vitality Resonator has two rankings, depending on the enemy’s health when you use it, since the health decides how much Intellect you get. The first rank is when you can reliably use it on a 100% health mob every time it’s available, while the second rank is for when you use it on cooldown against a single target.

Tarratus Keystone is an AoE heal split amongst a group of players. Since it splits, you can reliably heal a stacked group of players for a moderate amount each, or a lone player for a decent chunk of health.

Garothis Feedback Conduit gives a chance at a stacking buff for Haste whenever you heal a target. Supposedly it has a higher chance to proc on from healing lower-healthed targets, but testing has been ambiguous.

Carafe of Searing Light is the token mana trinket this tier, with an added twist of returning mana whenever its DoT ticks on the target. It’s ranked low because it returns so little Mana per Second, compared to other comparable trinkets.

Raid Upgrade Priority

  1. Velen’s Future Sight
  2. Doorway to Nowhere
  3. Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus
  4. Leggings of the Black Flame
  5. Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas

This list looks shocking from what’s been said the past few months for Tomb of Sargeras priority. However, Antorus introduces new gear that is perfectly itemized for Mistweaver raid healing (being Critical Strike and Versatility heavy). Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus is one such casualty. The BiS necklace, Vulcanarcore Pendant, is perfect, providing considerably more overall healing through its stats than both the stats of Prydaz, as well as its effect.

Yes, this means Doorway to Nowhere is now no longer swapping places for second place. It will be our go to second legendary.

Dungeon Upgrade Priority

  1. Velen’s Future Sight
  2. Ovyd’s Winter Wrap
  3. Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus
  4. Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas
  5. Sephuz’s Secret

No substantial changes from 7.2.5’s upgrade priority.

New Legendaries

Insignia of the Grand Army – Increases the effects of the Light and Shadow traits from the second row of the Netherlight Crucible by 50%. A free legendary from quests in Antorus, it’s solidly in the middle of the pack, depending on your choices from the Crucible.

Aman’Thul’s Vision is a bit of a wild card. It only drops from Argus the Unmaker and is another Pantheon trinket, along with Eonar’s Compassion, but drops baseline at iLvL 1000 and doesn’t count towards the 2 legendary cap that we’ve had since early Legion. However, it is unique with the other Pantheon trinkets, meaning you can’t have Eonar’s Compassion equipped along with this trinket.

Its baseline proc is very strong since it both prevents incoming damage with Avoidance, while also restoring health thanks to Leech. It can complete any group of Pantheon buffs, with a fairly substantial primary stat buff waiting. That is its main strength, completing your group’s Pantheon procs. It falls into the same pitfalls as Unstable Arcanocrystal does for Mistweavers; undesirable stats, having it fall in the middle of the pack, especially when compared to other trinkets available to us.