The day has come, with the release of Mythic Antorus, came the class tuning that we knew we’d see. Here’s how it went:

What you’ll notice is that Windwalker is both in the top half, and neither buffed, nor nerfed. By the data I gathered from the first week, Windwalker’s look to be in an exceptionally good spot. Based on that data, Windwalkers were 0.29 standard deviations, or 1.24% above the average for Heroic Antorus, understanding that Affliction was an insane 2.35 SD or 9.21% above the mean before these (very minor) nerfs.

Week 1 data is rarely indicative of how things shake out later in the tier, and more tuning is always possible. However, as it stands, Windwalker is in a good solid place for Antorus, and by the time any “scaling” issues take hold, its very unlikely to matter very much.

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