Its been a quiet for weeks for PeakofSerenity , with not a ton to talk about as we anxiously await information pertaining to the new Battle for Azeroth expansion. In the meantime, Blizzard has announced that 7.3.5 will come out tomorrow, and with it, some changes to many classes. All changes can be found on Wowhead. Here are the changes that pertain to Windwalker:


  •  Blackout Kick now costs 3 Chi (was 1) when it is learned at level 3. The Chi cost is reduced to 2 with an upgrade at Level 12, and reduced to 1 Chi with another upgrade at Level 22.
Windwalker, Misweaver

The most important thing that you need to know is; This doesn’t affect current lv110’s at all, it is entirely related to leveling!

Unless you’re leveling a new Windwalker, you won’t notice a difference at all. It will feel weird leveling with less RSK damage and BoK requiring more Chi, but functionally for max level characters, there’s no change. Reducing damage by 41% then increasing it by 70% is effectively a net neutral change.

Upcoming Windwalker nerfs

This is a good time to address the paranoia that many may be experiencing, being concerned that Windwalkers will see some nerfs. Some are even going so far as to believe trade chat rumors about the subject. While it is true, Windwalkers are in a very strong spot right now, that comes from a combination of the spec doing good damage, and many fights in Antorus playing to a Windwalker’s strengths. There is no reason to believe that Blizzard will nerf Windwalkers without making changes to, at least, Affliction Locks. Being that this is the last raid of the expansions, and there aren’t that many Windwalkers, there’s really no reason for Windwalkers to see any changes, nor any other specs. Without being able to say 100%, Windwalkers, and any other specs, should be safe from any changes for a while, maybe for the rest of the expansion.

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