First Look at Mistweaver in Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1 Build 26032)

by | Feb 16, 2018

The Alpha for Battle for Azeroth, the next expansion, is in full swing, and it’s about time to sink into some of the changes coming to Mistweaver. As it stands right now, the only major thing to note is the sweeping gear squish, as well as spell power changes to spells to bring them down to better at-a-glance numbers than what they had become, on our journey to 1000 iLvL gear.

First thing’s first, the only major change as of this build:

  • Leg Sweep is now baseline for all Monk specs, with a new talent taking its place in the Level 60 row. It now has a 1 minute cooldown (up from 45 seconds) and stuns targets for 3 seconds (down from 5).
  • Tiger Tail Sweep is the aforementioned talent, reducing the cooldown of Leg Sweep by 10 seconds and increasing its range by 2 yards.

The initial iLvL Squish has made it a bit tricky to notice any spell tuning going on at the same time, and for that reason we’ll be comparing the relative health gained from a cast of a spell on Live (Patch 7.3.5 Build 25996) to the same spell cast in this Alpha build. How this is done is, without any gear equipped, we find how much percent health was restored compared to Mistweaver’s base health pool.

Just a reminder before getting into the slight tuning so far; Battle for Azeroth is still very much in development, and the numbers below reflect that.

  • Effuse – Relative nerf of 23.7%. Heals for 5.07% health on Live, 3.87% health on Alpha.
  • Soothing Mist – Relative buff of 18.1%. Heals for 1.3% health on Live, 1.53% health on Alpha.
  • Enveloping Mist – Relative buff of 36.7%. Heals for 20.1% health on Live, 27.47% health on Alpha.
  • Renewing Mist – Relative buff of 16.9%. Heals for 14.21% health on Live, 16.6% health on Alpha.
  • Vivify – Relative buff of 16.5%. Heals for 6.09% health per person on Live, 7.09% health per person on Alpha.
  • Life Cocoon – Relative nerf of 22.2%. Absorbs 81.98% health of damage on Live, 63.75% health of damage on Alpha.
  • Essence Font – Relative buff of 15.8%. Heals for 3.71% health per person on Live, 4.3% health per person on Alpha.
  • Revival – Relative buff of 16.7%. Heals for 14.62% health per person on Live, 17.06% health per person on Alpha.
  • Gust of Mists – Relative buff of 366.3%*. Heals for 2.11% health on Live, 9.84% health on Alpha.
  • Chi Burst – Relative nerf of  23.7%. Heals for 8.37% health per person on Live, 6.39% of health per person on Alpha.
  • Zen Pulse – Relative buff of 16.6%. Heals for 4.47% health per enemy target hit on Live, 5.21% health per enemy target hit on Alpha.
  • Chi Wave – Relative nerf of 22.6%. Heals for 3.02% of health per bounce on Live, 2.34% health per bounce on Alpha.
  • Refreshing Jade Wind – Relative buff of 16.4%. Heals for 8.71% health per cast per person on Live, 10.14% health per cast per person on Alpha.
  • Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane – Relative nerf of 23.8%. Heals for 2.74% health per single target on Live, 2.09% health per single target on Alpha.

* Gust of Mist‘s substantial relative buff is likely an oversight from the blanket tuning of all spells, as our Mastery is the only one that has its own spell power portion.