Following up on last Friday’s build, more Mistweaver changes are here, including a slew of talent changes, as well as some base spell number tweaking. Let’s go!

Until databases are updated, the links to spells will display the previous build’s tooltips.

New This Build

New Talent Pane


…Okay. There’s a lot to unpack here. The most noticeable change is the repositioning of a majority of our talents. Level 30 row isn’t just mobility, and Level 75 row isn’t just defensives. They’ve been mixed around, allowing you to go full in on mobility or defensives, emulating the Windwalker changes, or anywhere in between, depending on what’s needed. For fights with more telegraphed and avoidable damage, expect a full mobility suite, with unavoidable damage being soaked up by double defensive talents. For anything in between, take your pick.

Mist Wrap leaving its home in the Level 45 row and bedding with the damage + heal talents is an odd thematic choice, but its a straightforward passive that just increases the usefulness of Enveloping Mist. The Level 45 row has now turned into the mana row, with Mana Tea leaving the 100 row to sit in as the row’s active ability.

The absolutely massive buff Summon jade Serpent Statue has received makes it more powerful per tick than Enveloping Mist, which is incredibly unintentional, so expect a reversion to one of the two’s changes soon.

The two new Level 100 talents are situationally amazing. Essence Well, when at maximum stacks and combined with Thunder Focus Tea, can be a ludicrous amount of burst group healing in dungeons. At current numbers, this combo would be 1011% Spell power (thirty 33.7% Spell power bolts) to the group over 3 seconds, reduced by Haste, and not counting the healing from the HoT or any Mastery: Gust of Mists chasing. For reference, Revival would be 900% Spell power instantly. The increased duration on the HoT portion of Essence Font naturally increases the strength of Mastery: Gust of Mists, simply because the opportunity for HoT chasing is increased. This also increases the burst healing of the current Mana Tea combo, where, if there were no overlaps (unlikely in a raid limited to 20 people), the HoT will start falling off 6 seconds into Mana Tea. If it does refresh, it doesn’t pandemic (extend past its initial duration by 30% when refreshing an over time effect), it goes back to a 12 second duration, allowing for 50% off Vivifys with amazing single target healing.

Rising Mist evokes the original form of Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas, but better. Originally, Ei’thas left a debuff on the target you just Rising Sun Kick ed to increase the duration of your HoTs on the next target that they hit by 2 seconds. However, the heal on top of the extension is an amazing sight to see. Comboing Essence Font with a Rising Sun Kick afterward will provide another small burst of instant group healing. With the added chance for a Rising Sun Kick reset from a pre-stacked Teachings of the Monastery, the potential for this talent is amazing, both from a current numbers perspective and a design standpoint.

All in all, these talents make for some interesting builds for throughput, as well as personal decisions for other tiers, which is what talents should be like. I’m excited for these changes, as well as any more changes/tweaks coming to Mistweaver as Battle for Azeroth development continues along.

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