The time has finally come, the Pre-Expansion patch for Battle for Azeroth is upon us. Over the past 6 months we’ve gathered over 800 responses to our survey form looking for ideas to help guide our direction moving into the next expansion. We’re very grateful for all the response and are working to implement changes and improvements with the site over the next few months. These changes are quite significant in size and scope so if you are able to support the site and its authors, please consider doing so, the links to helping us out are on the right.



The game isn’t only moving into a new expansion, but Peak is undergoing a period of enormous expansion also. When it started out, was just me (Babylonius), it then expanded to myself, Pandanaconda, and Ruhye, with Garg starting his own site CraneStyleHealing. We then combined our resources and expanded to site to include all three specs and built up to nearly 10 authors and contributors.

Going into Battle for Azeroth, and the build up to it, we’re expanding to over 20 authors and contributors. This will help us to cover as many content areas as we possibly can. We’ve worked hard to enlist the help of passionate and active members of the community from all three specs so that one spec or area is not lacking compared to the others.

We will be striving to have content covering a wide range of the game, and do so in a timely manner so that people have the information before they need it. We have laid out a relatively strict schedule for content, and recruited enough contributors to cover that schedule. This means that many more people and hours are going into the content that will be on the site, so we hope that with the increased quantity and quality, more of you will help keep this larger undertaking moving through your support.



Because of the size of this undertaking, we’ve been working on it for several weeks in preparation. In order to do this seamlessly, the site has been rebuilt away from the public. Now that we have an announcement date for the pre-patch, we will be transitioning the website to its Battle for Azeroth version on Sunday. This includes all main spec guides redone for the new class changes as well as a “survival guide” that outlines what is being added, lost, or changed for each spec.

The main drawback with this method is that some things may fall through the cracks and be missed. The site is going to look very different after this weekend, with much of what was around before being replaced or removed entirely so that we can rebuild it with our new contributors and new direction. This means that some links may not work anymore, or redirect to a page or post that has been archived. The site will be considered under construction for the next few weeks; up to and through the start of the expansion. This means that things may look different several times over the next few weeks. We have a very talented artist making some custom artwork for the site that will *hopefully* pop up over the next few weeks and help make the site a little bit prettier to go with the *hopefully* increased functionality.

If you notice that something doesn’t work the way it should be, please reach out to me through Discord so that we can work to fix it. This also means that some of the bot commands and Discord links int he resource channels may not work anymore, so please bear with us while we work through this complete overhaul of the site.

If you are impatient, and can’t wait till the weekend is over and the site changes over, all our Patreon Patrons have been given access to the BfA version of the site to help us troubleshoot it before thousands of people flock to look at it. So if you just can’t wait to learn what new talents or legendaries you’re using, then consider becoming a Patron.



An enormous amount of work has gone into the site so far, and an enormous amount more will go into it to bring it to the vision that many of us have. I would like to thank all the people that have stepped up to help improve the site. Many of the contributors have stepped into big shoes and taken on big roles with the site, and I am endlessly impressed with that.

Lastly, I need to thank the people that have supported the site, specially the ones that have done so for a long period of time. I’ve never really done this before, so hopefully you can figure out who you are and how much we appreciate you.

  • Support for +2 years: Henry
  • Support for +18 months: Griffin, Cezzy, Axel
  • Support for +12 months: Shawn, Kevin, aaron, Michael, Ora, Ulrich, John, Austin, Matthew, Niklas, Bryce, Dan, Michal, Brian, Bangkook, Alan, Nick, Peditdalf, Andrew, Quanticus, Anthony, Jake, William, Gerold, Dustin, Stefan, Jeremy, Adam, Jackson, FraunchToost, Phillip
  • +$300 in total support: Shawn and Austin
  • +$200 in total support: Stefan and Jeremy
  • +$150 in total support: Jake, Axel, Michael, Brian, Halldor, Bogdan

Thank you again all of you for all your support. It has helped make the site get to where it is now and will be in the future.