With the Prepatch going live tomorrow, I wanted to list all the changes that are happening for Windwalkers. All of the guides have been updated to match the changes, this is simply to outline all those changes so that you don’t have to worry about missing something. If you’re looking for information about how all these changes have affected Windwalker, then make sure to check out the PvE Guide.



If you prefer your information in a video format, check out Kuya’s youtube video guide:








Global Cooldown

The Global Cooldown, or GCD, is a short lockout period which controls the rate with which abilities can be used; spells that are on the GCD are unable to be used simultaneously, while only abilities off the GCD can be used at the same time or during that lockout period. The global cooldown starts at 1.0 second for energy resource classes, and 1.5 seconds divided by haste for all others.

In Battle for Azeroth, many abilities which used to be off the GCD are now controlled by it. For WW Monks the abilities affected by this change are:

Windwalkers only had three abilities added to the GCD:  Energizing Elixir Storm, Earth, and Fire, and  Serenity. This means that Windwalker got off relatively easy, and the effect on the playstyle is minimal. It will take a little getting used to in order to adjust, but it’s not as disruptive as the GCD changes are for other classes and specs.


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