Last week we released a website to start to gather feedback and ideas for Mistweavers going into BlizzCon and the 9.0 Alpha / Beta period. We got a lot of initial good feedback, and the plan is to outline some of that below. To read and contribute yourself, head over to the Mistweaver specific site here. If Brewmaster or Windwalker is more your speed, there are sites for those two specs also!


Fistweaving – We want it!

As to be expected, the one thread dominating the voting is the Fistweaving thread. This play style was iconic to Mistweavers for the first two expansions of their release, but both Legion and now BfA have removed almost all of that play style. It was the class identity for Mistweaver, converting damage into healing, but Blizzard has removed more of the baseline abilities over the past two expansions and replaced them with lackluster talents.

The overall sentiment of the thread is that there needs to be more baseline interaction with our abilities and Fistweaving, as talents are currently not enough to effect our game play in any meaningful way. The thread has some interesting ideas on what we could change across the board, so please jump in and let us know what you think.


Level 90 – Let’s change it up!

Another interesting suggestion and idea that has come up is making Jade Serpent Statue baseline and moving Upwelling into the level 90 tier to replace it. This allows Upwelling to compete with Chi-Ji and Refreshing Jade Wind for your raid healing talent. I am actually really excited about this potential change as it would also allow Jade Serpent Statue to have some interaction with Fistweaving, baseline. Check out the thread and discussion here.


We got more!

There are a lot of other threads that folks have starting discussing. Ones on bringing back Chi, Removing Essence Font, and reworking some of our lesser used or less powerful spells.I will continue to monitor the discussion and as we get through the BlizzCon announcements and get our hands on what 9.0 is, we’ll be sure to pull and push feedback from this forum. Until then, continue to drop your ideas and other potential changes to the class and see what other folks are thinking.

I’ll also work to do recaps such as this, on a weekly basis to highlight some of the new threads or just ideas floating around.

Until next time . . .