Continuing on from last week’s quick write up, we have some new feedback topics that need some discussion. You can head over to the Mistweaver specific site here, to add your own ideas and suggestions or comment on that already posted. Again, the goal here is to develop a feedback gathering loop where we can take these ideas, develop them and bring them to the official Blizzard forums for exposure to a larger audience.

Also if Mistweaver isn’t your style, we also have sites for Brewmaster and Windwalker to collect feedback.


Some New Spell Ideas

We have an a proverbial Chi Explosion of ideas posted the other day by user Shadow. With 4 or so new threads on ideas around how some of our basic DPS abilities can be enhanced to provide more interaction, an Essence Font replacement idea, and an interesting idea to change Rising Mist. While I need some time to think and respond on the DPS threads, the Rising Mist change caught my eye. I don’t think I am a fan of limiting Renewing Mist healing, and moving Rising Mist to proc Mastery off of those with Renewing Mist on them. This is basically a DPS version of the Vivify spell we have today. I think it is a potentially interesting change, but right now, doesn’t seem to fit without some additional changes to Vivify.


2nd Cooldown? Really, Revival is not enough?

A thread that was slightly under the radar last week around adding a second healing cooldown to Mistweaver, beyond just Revival. With pretty much every other healing class have a lower impact, but more frequently available baseline cooldown, Mistweaver is certainly missing out in this area. There is some interesting thoughts in the thread itself you should go check out. I for one think a small, targeted DR type spell may be interesting. Making it a shorter cooldown, AoE bubble we either channel for the duration, or has a longer cast time to provide some level of thought and planning for when to use. Jump in and let us know your thoughts.


We got more!

As always, there is a ton of other threads on the site so be sure to run through and check it out. More than likely i will begin to start pruning or marking certain threads as longer priority based on the overall feedback and ongoing discussions in those threads. With BlizzCon only 2 weeks away, and us getting presumably our first look at 9.0, there is sure to be a bunch more discussion to be had.

Also, if time permits, we will start to do some light writing on the new raid, and what some of the bosses are shaping up to look like in 8.3,

Until next time . . .