In a completely new experience, I just received a list of prospective changes to the Hero and Spec trees for Windwalkers for The War Within. I have no idea how these changes will take form, whether they’ll be replacements or reworks or additions. I have never received direct information like this before, so I have no idea what to do with it other than to share it, which I was told I am OK to do so. I’m posting here without any commentary or any attempt to organize it, as I don’t want to risk ruining any chance for future information that I am given. I cannot say whether some, or all, or even none of these changes will make it into the game, just that this is what I was given and permitted to pass on to the community. I also do not know how these changes would effect Brewmasters or Mistweavers in their associated Hero trees.

So without further ado:

Hero Tree Talents

Conduit of the Celestials

  • Lust of the Jadefire
    • For every consecutive ability cast while standing within the path increase your haste by 1% stacking up to 10 times. Additional casts refresh the duration. Maximum duration 8 seconds.
  • Crackling Jade Exposure
    • Every time Xuen strikes an enemy with Empowered Tiger Lightning, Xuen will cast Jadefire Stomp and applying Jadefire Exposure to 5 enemies struck by it, increasing damage taken from your Abilities by 12%.
  • Unstable Lightning
    • Channeling Crackling Jade Lightning on an enemy overloads them with Jade energy, pulsating Nature damage 8 yards around them of 70% of the damage dealt by Crackling Jade Lightning.



  • Fists of Thunder
    • Your Fists of Fury now does lightning damage, adding 3 extra ticks and increasing duration proportionally. Generates 5 extra energy for each tick.
  • Balance of Peace
    • Every 30 seconds, you must face a Sha-created reflection of yourself. Killing the reflection grants you 30% increased damage for 10 seconds. Failing to kill the reflection kills you.
  • Pandaren Arsenal
    • Using Storm, Earth and Fire (Serenity) will cast a random Brew or something heavier! (Possible Choices: Bonedust Brew, Fortifying Brew, Tiger Eye Brew, Celestial Brew, or Explosive Keg)
  • Sha of Remorse
    • You deal 25% additional damage while targeting enemies below 25% health, but if you’re targeting them while they die, you deal 25% reduced damage for 5 seconds.


Current Tree Talents

Windwalker Tree

  • Bonedust Brew changed to Storm Brew
    • Storm Brew and Jadefire Stomp moved and are now a choice node following the Serenity and Storm, Earth, and Fire choice node.
  • Pressure Point Strikes
    • During combat, targets engaged with you will create marks on the floor in a random location. While standing on this mark, you deal 10% increased damage to the target that created it. Marks relocate every 5 seconds.
  • Cycle of Life and Death
    • For each target you hit with Touch of Death, you cast Expel Harm at 35% effectiveness and reduce the cooldown of Serenity and Storm, Earth, and Fire by 3 seconds.
  • Rushing Jade Wind rework
    • Your melee attacks have a chance to trigger a Rushing Jade Wind, which will consume 5 energy every second. Targets hit by Rushing Jade Wind take increased damage from Rushing Jade Wind for 10 seconds, stacking to a maximum of 10. 2 procs per minute.
  • Reflector of Hatred
    • Increases Touch of Karma damage by 150%.
  • Chi of Nature
    • When you use Touch of Karma, increase your Nature damage done by 15% for the next 10 seconds.
  • Harmonizing Chi
    • Each Nature ability cast reduces the cooldown of Touch of Karma by 5 seconds.
  • True Karma
    • Touch of Karma now absorbs 100% more damage. You are rooted in place for 2 seconds after you use Touch of Karma.
  • Kinetic Jade Roll (Passive)
    • When you Roll or Chi Torpedo through enemies, you gain 1 stack of Thunderfists for every enemy hit.
    • When you Roll or Chi Torpedo inside your Jadefire Stomp, the Jadefire Line will erupt again.
  • Thunderstomping Fists
    • You now stomp the ground in all directions with your fists while jumping to gather Storm energy. Your Fists of Fury is now omnidirectional but you stand jumping on the spot while channeling.
  • Invoker’s Delight rework
    • Casting Invoke Xuen spawns a random celestial statue.
  • Patient Master
    • For every 2 seconds spent not casting, your next ability deals 20% increased damage, stacks to 100. Effect doubled for Crackling Jade Lightning.
  • Army of Fire
    • Storm, Earth, and Fire now splits your mind into 5 elemental spirits, each spirit dealing 25% of normal damage and healing.
  • Grind Bones
    • Bonedust Brew cooldown increased to 5 minutes.
    • New ability Grind Bones can be used to consume enemy corpses to decrease the cooldown of Bonedust Brew by 10 seconds each. Channeled over 2 sec.
  • Focused Crane
    • Spinning Crane Kick deals 20% increased damage. Every cast of Spinning Crane Kick removes an active Mark of the Crane from a target.
  • Eternal Peace (choice node with Inner Peace)
    • Increases your maximum energy to 300. Energy regeneration reduced by 50%.
  • Furious Capacitor
    • At the end of your Fists of Fury channel, there’s a 20% chance of unleashing a Crackling Jade Lightning at 3000% increased strength.
  • Tigereye Brew
    • Spending Chi generates stacks of Tigereye Brew. Your melee attacks occasionally consume all stacks to increase damage by 10% for 1 sec per stack.
  • The Eternal Dance
    • Spinning Crane Kick is now a buff that consumes 1 chi every second
  • Master of Combos
    • Tier 3 Talent. Hit Combo can no stack up to 100 times. Damage gained reduced to 0.3% per stack.
  • Aura of Singularity
    • Increases damage done to your primary target by 12%. Connects below Dust in the Wind.
  • Aura of Mass Destruction
    • Increases damage done to all but your primary target by 12% Connects below Way of the Fae.
  • Arcing Lightning
    • Casting Crackling Jade Lightning generates a line of Jade Lightning towards the location of your statue, damaging all targets under the line for 100% of Crackling Jade Lightning damage.


Monk Tree

  • Celestial Worship
    • Removes the cooldown from Summon White Tiger Statue. Additionally the White Tiger Statue will store 3% damage dealt by your and unleash it every 2 seconds as Nature damage 10y around the White Tiger Statue.
  • Windwalking
    • In addition to movement speed will now reduce a random ability cooldown by 1 second for every 5 yards moved while in combat.
  • Touch of Life
    • Reverse execute an ally to heal them to 15% health.
  • Siphon of Death
    • You draw the life out of your opponent, dealing 100% of your current health in damage to the opponent over the next 12 seconds. CAn only be casts on targets below 15% health, no cooldown.



  • Chi Burst can now be charged for up to 2 seconds to deal up to double the damage.
  • Expel Harm Damage increased by 20%.
  • Camera now turns with Spinning Crane Kick by default.
  • Dance of Chiji buffed to 500% damage and proc rate reduced by half
  • Fists of Fury may be renamed based on your race.
    • Vulpera and Worgen – Fists of Furry
    • Tauren and Draenei – Hooves of Fury
    • Undead – Bones of Fury
    • Mechagnome – Gears of Fury



Rather than type a conclusion, since I had limited time to write this, I recorded a video while writing it that gives my thoughts.

EDIT: Due to YouTube being a pain, I had to upload it in two parts.

Part 1 | Part 2