PeakCraft Podcast
PeakCraft Podcast
The Calm Before the Dragonstorm - Peak of Serenity Podcast Ep. 134

As Shadowlands draws to a close, Anomoly and emallson recap what has been a relatively quiet week (besides, of course, the 30% healer nerf, and the Windwalker nerfs, and the 3rd Fated affix…).

In the next couple of episodes, we’re going to be embarking on a retrospective of Shadowlands, starting with the release and Castle Nathria next week!

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00:00 Triple Fated Raiding
13:04 News Roundup: Preach Interviews, WowUp, Renown Alt Catchup, Raid Testing
41:34 Windwalker Nerfs
43:47 Temple of the Jade Serpent Mythic+ Testing
46:44 Dragonflight 40% Player Health / Enemy Damage Buffs
01:00:52 Dragonflight Crafting Order Updates, Crafting Racial Nerfs
01:12:09 Creation Catalyst in Vault of the Incarnates
01:21:18 18th Anniversary Event (+ DMF XP Buff!)

Music: Skye Cuillin by Kevin MacLeod