PeakCraft Podcast
PeakCraft Podcast
The Season 4 Fiesta - Peak of Serenity Podcast Ep. 122

Season 4 released this week, and a cascade of bugs naturally followed. This week on the podcast, Anomoly and emallson recap their experiences with the souped-up Castle Nathria, the new Fated affixes, and the new rotation of Mythic+ dungeons.

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00:00 Introduction
02:20 WoW Mobile MMO Cancelled (and: Will Classic Grow Into WoW 2?)
14:51 Dragonflight Alpha: Warrior Talents!
22:04 Dragonflight Alpha: Dragonriding Talents
28:13 Massive XP Requirement Reductions on Alpha
32:25 Castle Nathria Bugs & Fated Affix Shenanigans
54:06 emallson is now a MAGE MAIN!?
01:04:48 New (Old) Mythic+ Dungeons!
01:17:42 The 5head SLG Strat (Don’t Try This At Home!)
01:21:23 One Week In: Thoughts on Tuning? What Do We Want from S4?

Music: Skye Cuillin by Kevin MacLeod