Mistweaver Talent Builds

Hello, and welcome to the Mistweaver Talent Build discussion where we go over many combinations of talents and how your playstyle should change, as well as reasons for selecting each talent. You can find an explanation of individual talent rows by Anomoly in his Mistweaver Talents article.


Dungeon Healing Build

Mist WrapLifecyclesInvoke Chi’Ji / Summon Jade Serpent Statue –  Focused Thunder

In a dungeon, you are the only healer, so you have to do everything yourself. This will involve plenty of sustained single target or tank healing, which means lots of Enveloping Mist casts. Any time Enveloping Mist enters the conversation on a regular basis automatically makes Mist Wrap and Lifecycles simply the best healing choices. Focused Thunder allows for great flexibility in single target healing or group healing and generally provides more benefit than Upwelling, while Rising Mist can never do enough healing to be worth the talent selection in a 5 man. The difference between Chi’Ji and Statue comes in the flavor of sustained single target healing or bursty group healing, so you should pick the one most appropriate for the affixes/dungeons.

Possible Substitutions

Chi Burst can be subbed in for extra damage when farming lower keys or if DPS presents the limiting factor in very high keys. Upwelling has a niche use to aid burst healing by making the double mastery effect from Essence Font last longer, which may be useful at higher gear levels in very high keys.


Healing in Raids

As mana, target selection, and other healers come into play, talent selection gets vastly more complex. While we won’t be covering the 30, 60, or 75 talent rows here, just keep in mind to pick the best talent for each fight in those rows.

We will be starting at the bottom of the talent tree and working backwards as the 100 and 90 rows are far more impactful than the 15 and 30 rows and the former often dictates the latter.



Upwelling provides incredible power in raids and as such is the default raid healing talent. While we still want to cast Essence Font whenever there are 6+ people who are injured in range and we know it will get its full healing out, sometimes that situation doesn’t come up exactly every 12 seconds. Whenever Essence Font sits off cooldown waiting for the damage to actually happen, Upwelling provides free healing by adding on to the next Essence Font. While it will cap out after 18 seconds of Essence Font being off cooldown, you don’t have to wait for that to use Essence Font as any seconds up to that 18 mark still counts to extend the next Essence Font. The HoT duration increase on Essence Font is a very small part of the talent’s value, but is nice to have.

Upwelling generally overpowers Focused Thunder on every current raid boss, in every difficulty. We will discuss Rising Mist later.


Default Healing Setup

UpwellingSummon Jade Serpent StatueMana TeaChi Burst

The above should be your default talent setup going into most raid bosses this expansion. Upwelling, as described above, provides a large power boost to Essence Font. From there, you use Jade Serpent Statue to cover any tank or single target debuff healing. Mana Tea should be used during periods of high raid damage to efficient spam Vivify. The default cast sequence should be Essence Font -> Mana Tea -> Vivify until about 1.5 second left on Mana Tea buff -> Essence Font. That way the final Essence Font gains the 50% mana cost reduction from Mana Tea. Finally, time your Chi Burst casts to pass through the majority of your raid during periods of damage. Remember you can pre-cast Chi Burst so it goes off as the damage hits.


Tank Healing Focused

UpwellingSummon Jade Serpent StatueLifecyclesMist Wrap

Are your tanks dying? Does someone in your raid still think Paladins are the best tank healers in the game? Would you like to make your tanks immortal while also throwing out the fattest Essence Fonts possible? Are you engaged with Fetid Devourer? If so, this build is for you. The ultra efficient Soothing Mist and Enveloping Mist combination provides consistent, reliable, and very strong healing to any target you want with Lifecycles enabling follow-up Vivifys to deliver even more healing if necessary.

Don’t be fooled though, Essence Font, Renewing Mist, Vivify, and Revival still mean you do a lot of healing to the rest of the raid as well. This is by no means “not a raid healing build” but makes you both the best tank healer in the game and an all around solid raid healer because Essence Font is just that good.


Rising Mist (aka Kickweaving or Fistweaving)

Rising Mist, first and foremost, is a DPS talent. If you are not concerned with DPS whatsoever, do not take this talent. Also, if you are doing a dungeon, do not take this talent because you will do more DPS and more healing with Focused Thunder instead. This is not a different spec from Mistweaver, it is not a talent you should use all of the time, nor should it be your default approach to a fight before you learn what it does.

The point of Rising Mist is to buy a justification for spending mana on Rising Sun Kick, which does a ton of damage. We’ve covered how powerful Upwelling can be, and Rising Mist just won’t exceed its healing contribution but in the right circumstances it can come very close while providing the benefit of adding a lot of DPS.

Okay but when DO you take Rising Mist? The simple answer is DPS checks that you can’t quite make but need just a bit more overall raid DPS (maybe the boss needs to be 1% lower) to avoid wiping. If you’re trying to beat an add spawn or a big raid-wide ability, adding enough DPS to make that not happen can prevent even more damage than Upwelling would heal, which makes Rising Mist the superior play. It also helps if there’s frequent raid-wide damage to narrow the HPS gap, as that is what Rising Mist is good at healing.


The Rising Mist Build

Rising MistInvoke Chi’JiSpirit of the CraneChi Burst

The playstyle ends up being quite similar to the above build that has the same other talents but with Upwelling instead. Use Essence Font when enough people are injured, Renewing Mist basically on cooldown on someone who is injured, but instead of as many Vivifys we throw Rising Sun Kicks. However, don’t get too conservative and remember that the point is to DPS and do healing, NOT to maximize Rising Mist. Use Vivify to burn excess mana and get more healing and don’t focus too much on holding Rising Sun Kick for Rising Mist value. Keep the normal pattern of 3x Tiger Palms into Blackout Kick both for Spirit of the Crane mana and resetting the CD of Rising Sun Kick, as it is more damage and healing than spamming Blackout Kick.

Again, remember that the goal is to maximize damage and healing, not to maximize Rising Mist healing specifically. If necessary, you do have the option of dropping the Rising Sun Kick plan sometimes if Soothing/Enveloping Mist are needed or if you have to go do a mechanic and can’t Rising Sun Kick something for a few seconds.


Refreshing Jade Wind

Refreshing Jade Wind was not explicitly mentioned in the above descriptions as it can be substituted out in any of the build depending on the fight. Refreshing Jade Wind really excels when there are 2 conditions. Constant AoE damage on the raid, and the raid primarily stacked up. This allows for the full use of the talent.

With that in mind, when the fight does cater to this type of damage and group movement (think Stormwall Blockade in BoD), Refreshing Jade Wind can be used.



The Isle of Misfit Talents

There is only a single talent not mentioned above in any of the builds because they just aren’t very good in Mythic+ or Mythic Raids. Let’s shed some light on why:

Chi Wave – The worst misfit, Chi Wave sadly lacks healing potential in every situation. It is also incredibly random and has little damage potential as well. It’s just a bad talent that isn’t good at anything and is outclassed by its competition in every way.

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